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Amy K. at Angry Chicken wrote a couple things about framing:


I bought the same stuff and have been pretty happy. The frames are cheap and not perfect. They have cracks where the pieces meet up in the corners. The plexiglass scratchs like crazy. The spacing material is cool, but expensive. Overall I'm happy, though, because I'm actually framing things (I'm rather lazy about this, too).


This is a really lovely piece Vicki and reminds me of some favorite old pieces of folkart. I'm looking forward to seeing it framed.


The crewel piece is beautiful!


your crewel piece is stunning! I wish I could see it in person to admire it. :)

I just started blogging recently and I'm finding that it really motivates me to finish projects and move on to the next, as well. If I had known it would have that effect I would have started keeping a blog years ago!


I love that piece - so many colours and textures! I also find that blogging about my projects keeps me motivated to finish them.

lisa s

that is a beautiful piece of embroidery! [no no glass against it!!]... wow wow thanks for sharing!


Vicki, I have a needlepoint book by Erica Wilson and I love the things in it. I've completed one of the pieces, that also came as a kit. I'm in awe of your crewel work. The piece is beautiful.

Perhaps you should send your piece off to a needlework store that specialises in framing needlework? If you want I can give you a recommendation or two.


I love crewel work and yours is wonderful! I love all the colors and beautiful stitches in your piece. It definitely deserves a unique frame - I like the shadow box idea -I think keeping the glass off of the piece is good advice. Can't wait to see this framed and what your next exciting thing will be!!

Lolita Blahnik

I wish I could do something like this!!! it so colourful... beautiful work!!!


hearing the name erica wilson was a blast from the past! there were some tasteful things in the 80s! the piece is beautiful and i look forward to seeing it framed!

Pam Kellogg

Vicki, might you share a photo of the entire piece with us? It's so pretty, I'm wondering what's beyond the picture you posted.


It bet you spent hours on hours with all those stitches but a lovely job you did and I'm sure it will be most satisfying to see it completely finished.

Mama Urchin

Love the crewelwork. I know that the pro framers use spacers to keep glass off the face of needlework. So if you are doing the shadowbox just for the space you might be able to find spacers from a framing store and use a regular frame.


Your Erica Wilson crewel piece is gorgeous and I'm so glad you are going to get it framed. I have lots of projects like that living lonely lives in drawers but crying for attention--I must save them from loneliness ASAP.

The house project looks intriguing and I look forward to hearing more about it when you're ready.


My goodness, what detail! I can't wait to see the finished product. Your new project looks quite interesting as well.


Anything that is house-shaped has my attention! I am in awe of your crewel masterpiece, glad you're going to have it on display. Also guilty here of a similar crime... I completed four needlepoint stockings and never got around to the final step of sewing them up. Finally took them to my local shop and paid a small fortune to have them do it. But now we have four stockings made by yours truly hanging on the mantle at Christmas.


What beautiful work! I'm always inspired when I read your blog :) I don't know what size your needlework project is, but I have seen special needlework put on the bottom of a large wooden serving tray (the kind with sides that go up a bit and handles)and then they covered the bottom with glass. It was beautiful setting out as well as useful.


Vicki you do crewel too, what do you not do. I adore crewel. You piece looks lovley !! Clarice


I agree! Having a blog motivates me to keep creating and finishing projects. Everything you do is so beautiful, thanks for putting it out here on the web for everyone to enjoy.
And about framing your needlework - a good frame shop will make sure there is a spacer between your art and the glass so nothing gets squished!

Helen Gillis

What an absolutely beautiful project! So glad you're going to resurrect it. I visit your blog regularly and often am so envious of the time you have to devote to quilting, sewing, etc. and I wonder if you're comfortable sharing how you manage - with a house, husband and children....I have the house, husband and a job and try to squeeze in what crafting I can along with cleaning, food shopping, family commitments, car repairs etc. - something I seldom read about on your blog. Please - what is your secret?




Your stitch work is incredible! I'm so impressed with you finishing up old projects, very admirable :)


That's spectacular. I'm a French handsewer and I know how tiresome bullion knots/French knots can be and that bunny rabbit blows me away.

Please, please consider joining the Crewel Along blog and putting your masterpiece there. I've got some pictures of gorgeous fabric, but I haven't ever put them up there.



JoAnn's does a nice job of framing things. I took a few cross stich pieces there and used a 50% off coupon. They turned out really nice.

Have you considered using that piece as the centerpiece to a pillow? I think it would look wonderful like that.


Your crewelwork piece is wonderful! What a shame to not have it out to admire. It must have taken you forever to do it. Good for you - put it out there.



The crewelwork looks beautiful! I did some long ago, though not nearly as lovely. You are an inspiration with all you accomplish.


This piece is really beautiful... the shadowbox idea is great.. I hate to frame these things for the same reason.. then they just sit around or become another cushion or stool.


This is such a beautiful piece! Good for you for rescuing it from its limbo state in the plastic bag! It is truly worthy of a place on your walls. Can't wait to see what you are working on now - maybe another house for your Christmas village?


wow you did that crewel? looks fantastic - can not wait to see it framed. I did some similar rescuing lately and it makes you feel sooo good once they are up on the wall!


I love this piece! The colors are beautiful! I have two crewel pieces of my Grandmothers that I cherish. I really like this one and would consider doing it myself, but the colors on the website are not nearly as vibrant as yours. I finally finished my rug and will send it over to the flickr site. Kudos to you!


Oh! The brand new something looks very exciting to me. I love architectural craft!


Oh my gosh, that crewel is gorgeous! (Love the bunny, awww.) I like the houses you are putting together. I did some really tiny ones years ago (like 16!) and I still have the pattern for them. I need to do some and put out for Christmas.....famous last words!

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