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Great prose about the cats, so very cat-like. I hope your visitor's owners are only on vacation. He reminds me of our Smokey (who insists on being indoor/outdoor instead of a house cat.) We had an unreliable cat-sitter last year while we were on vacation--we returned to an empty food bowl and cats who had gone bumming around the neighborhood. I'll have to try the Corsican Mint around the clematis. No deer in our neighborhood, but either my husband or my son have WEEDED it three years running!


I just discovered your blog. Great Job!! I love it. I will be back to visit you often. The redwork patterns are beautiful. When I get finished with my sons quilt (if I ever get finished lol) I am going to try some redwork.

By the way the grey cat is beautiful! And so is Miss Lily


So you dont think he's her "gentleman caller"?


The Corsican mint is just amazing. I'll have to add that to my plant wish list. I love the story about the cats - so cute!


"Through sunshine and shadow." Is part of my vows to my husband. We have it engraved in our rings.

Even though it's right there at our fingertips, I havent thought about it in a while. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

By the way, the garden looks lovely.

Mrs. Staggs

Oh dear, Miss Lilly does look a trifle bit put out doesn't she? He is a handsome fellow, perhaps he will grow on her!
I love the smell of Corsican mint and have planted some out by the pond.


The mint really does look like a lush, green carpet - hasn't it filled the square beautifully? I hope the owners of the grey pussy-cat return home soon - Miss Lily looks none too pleased to see him!!


Poor Miss Lily! I hope the handsome grey fellow grows on her. I hope he has a home or will have one with you too. :)
The Corsican mint look absolutely divine. I wonder if it does well in containers...I love it when little plants form a lush green carpet.


When aat adopts you there is nothing you can do! Welcome him to the family.


OH...I had the sweetest porch cat once, I named him Sweetie. He left me this last April, after quite a happy life with me (and believe it or not, my other kitties) Sometimes when they hang about, they slowly get used to each other...I hope this will be the case, as he is a handsome kitty...and they do make a lovely pair!


What can you do when someone adopts you? He's there for a reason and lucky to find you with your sweet yard and kind heart!
aren't you loving this weather???? I just wish the tomatoes would redden faster...

Mama Urchin

I love that photo of Lily in the window. You can see she's giving the invader the evil eye.

Alicia P.

Ooo -- new kitters -- are things any better?


What a great photo of Miss Lily. I can just read her little kitty thoughts. I love the grey kitty's coat. Hopefully he meets Miss Lily's approval and they can become friends.

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