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Beautiful post Vicki. Both the pictures and the words. Grace's real food looks as delicious as her mini masterpieces.


awwww! Love in the cookies! Doesn't that just make ya melt?


How wonderful that your husband can come home everyday for lunch...mine has the long commute. The muffin looks scrumptious!


What a lovely post! My oldest is just now starting to take an interest in my cooking. Though she's only 5, I really should let her help out where she can.
I think it's sweet that your husband can come home in the middle of the day. Such a simple luxury these days.


How fun! What a fabulous family! :)


I think it's wonderful that you let your children share in the cooking tasks. My mother did the same thing with me when I was a child. From her I learned wisdom and found my passion for cooking. I'm sure my fiance appreciates all those days spent in the kitchen with Mom, as he's the one that benefits most from it!


The photos of your cooking and baking are always mouthwatering! Would you be willing to share your quiche recipe?



The quiche with the fresh basil leaves looks so delicious! as do the fresh cherries!
I love that your hubby is able to come home for lunch. Mine works all over the place but when the rare occasion happens that he is near by he will either come home or treat me to lunch out. I love it.


I love Tasha Tudor. Her cook book is on my to-buy list. :)


What a beautiful muffin! I don't think I've ever seen a bakery muffin look prettier.


Yum! Your quiche looks so scrummy, especially with the addition of the fresh basil leaves. And how lovely that your hub can come home for lunch every day - I am very envious :) - all that food has my mouth watering!


We are blessed to have daddy home at lunch most days too. And since we homeschool, we're all here. One of the boys favorite things is when daddy takes a break in the morning after checking his emails and phone and makes them "Super Deluxe Breakfast!" For example, eggs scrambled with ham and cheese, plus bagels and juice. Not the usual quick school-day "oatmeal and an egg" that mom makes!

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