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So many lovely things! The wool is just gorgeous and I find it fascinating that she can get those colours with natural dyes. Reminds me of pictures of Tasha Tudor in Victoria magazine, dying wool in big pots out in her garden for making all sorts of lovely things. Oh, how I miss that magazine!!

Mrs. Staggs

What beautiful colors of wool! I can understand the pleasure that comes from just looking at them. I often feel that way with a basket full of embroidery floss. The colors and the texture make me feel happy.
Kindness abounds in Blogville! You're pretty good at spreading your fair share of it too Vicki. I love my visits here and while I enjoy hearing from you,the time and thoughtfulness you put into your site are plenty enough for me. Thank you.
I love Lauren, she's been so nice to me and we've only come to know each other through blogging too.
This collage is georgeous. Seeing these colors in her work is new for me. I really like them!


Wow - really wonderful things. I've been enjoying Simmy's natural dye tutorials too - she's done some incredible things. That collage is really lovely too!! Enjoy it all!



I love the colors on those wools; so soft and beautiful! And the tiny little embroidery hoop is so adorable!
As always, love reading your site.

Mama Urchin

That wool is gorgeous. It just looks like autumn all stacked up.


I agree about the positive impact that's happens through blogs.My girls have learnt so many lessons about generosity and good old kindness.My girls would love to do a little swap if you ever fancy it :)


To have my name linked with Tasha Tudor's has made my day! I'm so glad you liked the gifts and it was lovely to share the blankets with someone so appreciative. I've just dyed some more with goldenrod and I'm going to overdye with indigo to get a green - wonder how it'll turn out?


beautful stuff, really lovely. I have to agree about blogging as you get to know people and read their ideas and communicate with them they become firm friends and you can't see your life without them.


Hello! I found you via angry chicken. I live n. of seattle, and homeschool my two sons, and we also have been blackberry-picking this week! Nice to meet you! Paula


Oh my. That collage is just gorgeous!


Blogging friends make life so sweet... I'm glad you were so splendidly spoiled, Vicki - you deserve it!


You are so welcome Vicki! I am so glad that you enjoy everything that I sent. I have to admit that buying things for the girls was the most fun part of it all. All those little bitty things just perfect for girls. If they want to swap again, with Callan this time, let me know!

P.S. and I'm still lovin' my apron!

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