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The crewel looks just beautiful, and the frame goes with it perfectly.
I had similar luck with a frame some years ago which I bought at a flea market. I didn't know the exact dimensions of the print I needed it for, but when I got it home it fit just right.


The crewel looks just beautiful, and the frame goes with it perfectly.
I had similar luck with a frame some years ago which I bought at a flea market. I didn't know the exact dimensions of the print I needed it for, but when I got it home it fit just right.

Mrs. Staggs

Gasp!...I can't believe you put it into water, I would never have had the courage. I was thinking you would be taking it to a professional. All that work!! It turned out truly lovely Vicki. I like the house on the hill.

Mama Urchin

The crewel looks really, really beautiful. I love that little squirrel. What a great project to finish.


Glad to see that everything worked out. I don't know if I could have done the first plung into the water..LOL I looks wonderful all framed up. The all those detail! Something to be proud of.


Love how it turned out. And yahoo it didn't run. For you red and white quilt, try a little synthopol and just keep washing with those dye catcher sheets. Its worked for me.

Thanks for the lovely inspiration.


Jewel, indeed. It looks fabulous in the frame!


oooh! that is sooo pretty! it turned out just right!


I really love your blog, I have never commented before but I wanted to offer a little tip I learned from my days custom framing needlework. If you add a little layer of quilt batting between the piece and your backing, it will smooth out all the lumpies you get from knots and so forth without making it look like trapunto. You can affix the quilt batting with a very light spraying of a fixative adhesive on the backing, lay the piece of quilt batting down (cut it 1/4 to 1/2 inch larger than the backing), and stretch your needlework over the edges. It gives it a very professional look.

I love this crewel piece. My mother taught me years ago, but I never stuck with it. This piece makes me want to go back and try it again!


That looks just gorgeous - and thank you for explaining how to block something like this. I think I may have to rescue some pieces in my parents' attic and frame them like this :)


Vicki, I love this and it reminded me of this morning, in my basement, finding an old frame similar to this one that used to have a damaged needlework sampler. I took a look at it and thought I will work on the sampler I have started. I am currently working on my Niece's quilt, for FWYH! My first to be finished project in a long time. I thank you for YOUR encouragement to keep me moving along with projects I love, even with all of our daily work.


Vicki! It's stunning. Your girls are fortunate to have access to your talent. I can't believe you had it just laying around unfinished--all that work! I'm so happy for you that it is finally done and properly showcased. Btw, your package FINALLY went out yesterday. Hope you enjoy all the goodies, especially the tag sale stuff, it's all definitely going to the right home. It's supposed to arrive on Thursday. Keep me posted.



WOW!! It looks fantastic in that frame - and I am so glad that its beauty can now be enjoyed properly (now that its out of the trunk!). Thanks for the info on blocking also, that helps me know what to do to frame some of my own stitched pieces.


Wow! This is really inspiring. Thanks for showing how to block the fabric.


It is absolutlely stunning!! Wow! It looks wonderful in the frame and how neat that you found just the right size!! I love the little squirrel and bunny rabbit. :0)




That turned out so beautifully! The frame is perfect and sounds like the blocking and everything worked out nicely. From rediscovering it to framing it - it was just all meant to be!!


It's stunning! I know you must feel quite wonderful that you finished this beautiful piece and can enjoy it.


vicki, it is so beautiful! what satisfaction and the frame.....meant to be!
louise x


I'm going to echo everyone else...it's so amazing and beautiful (love, love the little squirrel with the french knot tail)! What a wonderfil FWYH project. :)


Just perfect !!! Clarice


oh wow!! it's just stunning framed! an absolute work of art!!



Pam Kellogg

Vicki, that is stunning! And oh so charming!


Hello, I'm not new to your blog, I've been reading for quite some time now. Your stuff inspires me!
For the quilt that bled, is it possible to dye it? Like turn it into a pink and red quilt. The white would absorb pink dye or whatever dye color you use. Just a thought.


It's so nice to finish something special like this. I love how it turned out too!

Wanda  (swan-artegan)

Your crewel piece is gorgeous. I've had the color run from the stitching onto the background before so I'm glad you were able to prevent that. Your blocking worked well too. I usually do my stitching on a piece with batting attached because I also like the quilted effect it produces. Keep up the good work!


Vicky-Wow , you never cease to amaze! I have missed reading your lovely posts!


Glad to see that you've completed it! It's really beautiful. And finding an old frame that you had stored away completes the story so well! Bravo!


Its absolutely beautiful. What a treasure.

Sharon G.

That's amazing....I'm in awe.


I actually gasped when I saw your beautiful crewel project. It looks like it would be a fun project with all the different motifs and colors! I absolutely love it! What a perfect frame too!


Vicki, this is beautiful. What a great feeling to have this done. I love the detail, it looks complicated! I have a Christmas pillow started around the same year (embroidery, much less complicated), maybe I'll actually finish it this year.

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