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What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for your inspiring blog.


Lovely! Your photos always inspire me.


that IS a great idea. i have some old items like that too. i used them for awhile but stopped because the paint was chipping into the food.
what a great way to show them off!


Oh, that is fabulous! I have all of Gram's old kitchen tools put away in a box, but this is so cool! Thank you for sharing!


You shadow boxes are fabulous, and I really like the prints you chose to set them off. I have an ice creme scoop like yours and right now it is getting a work out. Only in the summer though.


I think you may have just solved my problem!I love these old utensils but my hubby won't use them!I have collected loads over the years and usually end up selling them but now I can keep a few!


This so beautifull


I love this idea! Those shadow boxes are just perfect with your yellow walls and checkered curtains.


These are great! What a fabulous idea, and I agree that look beautiful with your yellow walls. I love that you used different backings in each of them.


This is such a great idea !!!!! Thank you !!! Clarice


What a fabulous idea! They look terrific :)


wonderful idea! reminds me of some recent discussions with my mom...she finds it fascinating that I would be interested in anything from the 50s and 60s, as to her these were items from her everyday life! to me they have charm. but then again, she collects items from the 30s and 40s for her kitchen.


Your shadow boxes are great!! Why didn't I think of that? LOL... My kitchen also sports yellow walls, white trim and cabinets, red flowered vintage linen looking curtains and red accents. So cheery and warm...


The shadow boxes look so wonderful. You are inspirational as usual!


Oh V.! Those look really cute like that. And yes, it's true that they take on a whole new life framed and hanging on your wall. Nice.

Yes! I will see you soon, I can't even wait.

lisa s

fantastic! great stuff... and it looks amazing framed like that!


What a marvellous idea. The shadow boxes look just great hanging on the wall. Well done. Looks like a lovely sunny kitchen as well.

Tammy S

What a neat idea! I have a large-checked gingham valance over my kitchen window too!


Lovely idea! Cheery colors, cute fabric, what a fun kitchen!


I've made a shadowbox for my kitchen too. A small one using some scotty dog fabric and an old scotty dog cookie cutter. It's a fun idea to work with.
We both have red and white gingham in our kitchens too!


they look so good - great idea. and thanks for dropping by my little amateur site too - it was a thrill to see your comment!


What a wonderful idea! They all look so lovely.they hang so lovely on your nice kitchen wall.

I used an old picture frame, striped cotton to display some old knifes, spoons etc in.
I now also want to try it with old kitchen tools, thanks for the inspiration.


I love this idea, how creative!! How did you attach them? The little rose fabric is some of my favorite fabric too. Great idea!

me: the larger pieces are attached with wire that's been threaded through small holes in the backing and taped down. the smaller ones are held in place with a few drops of hot glue or fabric tack.


hi. I really enjoy reading your blog. You have so much crafty goodness. I am slowly starting to set up a craft blog as I have just started getting back into crafting. I love your idea on the old kitchen untensils. So cute.


Such a fantastic idea.


ditto, ditto, and ditto again! beautiful. and things with "character" hold a special place in my heart -- they have *stories*.


What a feast for the eyes!

Do you have a hammer hung near-by to break them open in case of an emergency?

I LOVE your site!


I just love what you've done with the kitchen untensils, they look superb in those frames. A wonderful retirement for them after all those working years!! lol


Looks like we'll all be sniffing out old utensils to make shadow boxes! I have a potato masher, little scoop, and pie cutter inner (?)


These look so wonderful and thanks for such an inspirational idea! I'm hoping my grandma still has some of her old utensils!


Why didn't I think of that. What a clever idea. How did you attach them? Think I'll add this to my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing


tee-hee...I asked my mom "what was it like when you were little and there were dinosaurs?" (I REALLY liked the Flinstones and didn't realize that her birth year, 1951 wasn't quite that long ago!)

The shadow boxes are beautiful!


Wow. I love it! You're right about framing things. My friend frames some of her children's artwork and they really look like pieces of art! It's so cool. I love your antique cooking utensils. I have a very small collection of ones with green handles. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gillian Greding

Stunning... SO creative. Love your site!


"images of porch swings and homemade goodness on the table" - it's so funny, because you're talking about "the olden days" and it's EXACTLY the type of nostalgic imagery your blog brings up. I bet there are plenty of happy moments in your farmhouse style comfortable kitchen, where you "still gather for daily meals" around a pine table.

I think we all have those nostalgic thoughts about the golden olden days, but lately I find I can really enjoy noticing exactly those moments in my own life, thinking to myself, "This picnic is so much cooking and cleaning up and packing and schlepping and do I need to call so-and-so to make sure they have the ..." But then I stop and think what a luxury it is to have the time and the ingredients to cook and be close enough to the park for a picnic, and I really really pay attention and enjoy it all, because this winter, all bundled up, I'll say "Oh, where are the heady days of summer when we frolicked in the park, tra-la!"


You are just too clever!! Your shadow boxes are beautiful and the fabrics you've used are perfect. I'm off to dig out some of my own vintage utensils and look at them with a new eye.


Oh, I like this a lot. I always see those old tools and think they are interesting, but not sure what I'd do with them for the same reasons you cited (paint would peel, can't throw in dishwasher, etc.). Excellent kitchen art!


I love your new kitchen art! I'm also glad to hear and see that I'm not the only one who likes furniture (especially kitchen furniture) that has some character.


I love your new kitchen art! I'm also glad to hear and see that I'm not the only one who likes furniture (especially kitchen furniture) that has some character.


I love this idea! I've collected old utensils in charity shops, boot sales and flea markets, and display some in my kitchen, but the shadow boxes are a wonderful idea! I already have a few boxes I was going to used in my daughters room, but I think I am going to steal your idea! Thanks for the inspiration!


What a wonderful idea! Love it. I think I may have to do something like that as I have some old pieces just thrown in a drawer somewhere! Thanks!!


What a clever idea! I must get out my vintage utensils.



beautiful! what a smart and pretty way to display kitchen utensils! i love it!

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