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Mrs. Staggs

These are so sweet! Love that little doll riding in the pocket!
I think this is one of the best ideas I've seen for a present for a little one.


What a fantastic idea. The embroidered dolls are so cute to have a jumper with a special pocket just for her to ride in is great. I am sure the gifts were met with appropriate squeals of delight.


So sweet! I have a similar pattern that I have used over and over again.
The little doll...? just perfect...and so is the Denyse fabric with the stripe.

Mama Urchin

What a wonderful gift. I am so excited to get started on one of the stitchettes but I must finish some other things first. Yours turned out lovely.


Such a sweet ensemble :) I hope I'll have a little girl or niece some day. I'm already having lots of fun making or planning things for my future nephew though ;)

That is all so cute and you did a great job with the stitchette.


She's a lucky girl! All three pieces are so adorable - the doll is especially cute! When I was little, my grammy made almost all my clothes, so I know how special those outfits are to a little one!


I have been wondering what to do with my stichlettes. Love how you made them into a little doll !!! Clarice


What an adorable gift: dress, bag and stichette. The fabric is perfect and it all goes together so perfectly.


What an adorable present and what a wonderful Grannie you are .I bet she looks really sweet in it.


Oh, this is so adorable! I bet your she will quite lovely wearing this dress and carrying the bag!
I also wanted to let you know that a little package is winding it's way to you. Just a little "Thank you". Ü


Running to copy down that number of that pattern!....


Oh, I loved that pattern, I'm sure I still have it tucked in a box from sewing my daughter Frankie's clothes. Lovely post as usual. Love the jumper, love the doll, love the bag.


So cute, Vicki! I bet the birthday girl will look adorable in that. I love the little Stitchette. Toys may come and go, but this is an heirloom in the making.


What a lovely jumper! I really should sew more for my girls.


I love your blog!! The outfit you made for your grandbaby is sooo sweet! Your granddaughter and my son share the same birthday and they are the same age.

Love, Heather


So Adorable! You do such great projects. I love the fabric -and the doll in the pocket... What a lucky little girl!


What a lucky little girl!


What a lovely, unique gift!!! As a mother I'd LOVE seeing my daughter receive something like this amongst piles of toys! I'll have to look for that pattern- I'm entirely new to sewing but am very anxious to give it a go. Perhaps this would be a good starting project?? Anywho~ darling work (as usual!)- so glad you posted pics!


I love this adorable set! You truckin goodies are great too! And a baker too.....oh man.....


I love this adorable set! You truckin goodies are great too! And a baker too.....oh man.....


What a gorgeous little set. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it. The little dolly is a great idea :-)


What a very wonderful gift--you have an ispiring mind! :)


I love the bag and the doll! I've been feeling called to take up embroidery and oh, this would be the perfect first project!


Love it!

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