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It's amazing what a little paint will do. Looks great!

And your rasberry chocolate tart - YUM! I may stop by later for dessert?


Your tart looks divine!

I always find it amazing what a little paint will do...


LOVE IT! I have the exact same one, but we keep dog food and treats in it. I would love to make this for my little girl because she loves to "cook" and pretend. Thanks for the clever idea. But a questions: did you have to sand the laminate before using the Krylon because I know the concept is that it bonds to "plastic" molecules. Thanks for any further info.

me: no sanding required! the paint has bonded very nicely to this smooth surface too. i couldn't scratch it off easily.


looks great! I love that paint, I have used it on several things with much success.


OHH yumm. I will have to make that this week. Thank you. I think Chloe wants you to be her mommy not me !! Clarice


Great project! Dinner sounds yummy.


That is so sweet - can I come and play? And do you have any tart leftovers too?


Its darling!!! Perfect for the playhouse. How many cans of spray paint did it take to cover that cabinet? And like Rosa I'd love to know if you needed to sand the laminate first.

me: i used one full can but it could've used another to cover it more evenly. it's still splotchy in places, but i figured it was 'good enough' and would take a beating anyway.


What a darling little play kitchen. It seems to be very "you!"


that little kitchen is beautiful, what an amazing transformation! my little girl thanks you heartily for providing some inspiration to her mama. :)


yummy tart!

that cabinet looks amazing. i'm just imagining how many i've passed over at yard sales without thinking about painting them. it looks adorable!


Wow! What an adorable little kitchen! You did a great job!!
I printed out the recipe for the chocolate and fruit tart. Yours is beautiful!


you are amazing! that looks so cute now! and the tart is making me hungry!


Oh my god! We have the exact same microwave cart in our garage. I am so stealing your idea (with full credit to you, of course). Now I know why it has never made it to the curb on trash day. And thank you, because I LOVE IT!


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