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Jeeze louise! You're a regular Beatrix Potter book. The one about turkeys. :)


I want to live where you live! We have very little wildlife out here, I wonder is it because of the farms? We see the vultures though. The first time I spotted their odd reddish heads was only a few months ago. How can I not have noticed them before? I had no idea that we even had vultures around here. Now I'm wondering, do they finish off the roadkill, or does a road worker come around and pick them up?


Oh that turkey..how funny. Yes, I bet the windstorm as blown her off course. We have a couple of wild turkey flocks that roam one of the local golf courses. Once I saw a group of them crossing the road with baby chicks in tow!! So cute. And there's Lily, keeping a safe eye on her from inside! :)


This post made me smile... what a wonderful backyard you have- all those creatures! How fun.


Ha! Sounds like the local wildlife has discovered some fine dining.....or is determined to turn your property into a local zoo :) I can remember running into the house as a child and calling my father to come and chase the black bears out of our yard. The most memorable with a mama bear with two cubs.


We to have had deer in our yard. This is the first time. They want the strawberries. But turkey vultures and wild turkey, that we do not have. How cool though. Clarice

Amber Lee

Stumbled upon your blog through a series of blogs and I love it! Adding it to my list of favorites, great stuff!


Vicki, I love the wild life there!

Since moving to this house about a year and a half ago we have seen a lot of rabbits, geese with babies, ducks and babies, a skunk that was really way to close for comfort before I spotted him, Two coytes that roam the golf course across the street and don't ever bother the golfers (I'm not sure if the people realize they are wild animals and not dogs)! There were two escaped love birds for a while then one and now none. (very sad). And last for now was the two wild havelinas that the neighbors saw run through our front yard but we didn't get a chance to see them.
I'm sure I have mentioned this before but it still amazes me to be in the middle of a city and see all this.

I also wanted to comment on your talking to the wild animals. I personally think it is quite normal as I talk to all animals domesticated or wild and they sure seem to understand. Now whether they follow what I ask of them can be a whole different story. :)

Thanks for the pictures, as usual they are fantastic and help bring some of that beautiful Oregon country to our lives.

And I love the postings on that fantastic play house! You have so much energy and are able to get so much done in such a short time. I love living vicariously through your blog! You have so many imaginative ideas that turn out great and are great at turning out so many varied and gorgeous products.

You truly have much talent running through those bones of yours! I only hope that I will be able to teach my granddaughter (about the same age as your Ginger) some crafting this summer that she might wish to continue. I have my fingers crossed! We will be having a craft camp at grandma's once a week for four weeks. I'm hoping to continue after school starts but we will have to see how it goes.

Take care my friend.


how wonderful to have all those animals in your backyard! it seems like an enchanted place...


I live in the woods too. We put out corn and seeds to draw in the turkeys and deer. I haven't seen many turkeys lately, but in early Spring, we had large groups of 20 or so turkeys coming through our yard. We've had 3 deer come trhough on a regular basis to eat corn, no bucks though. I'd love to be able to see a baby!



What a fun synchronicity - did she give you any turkey feathers yet?
Someone really should start a literacy program for those deer so they can become educated on a proper deer diet!


Ah, what a dreamy day...

Robin Green Eye

Fantastic pictures, wish we lived in a setting where animals came to visit!


Such a peacable kingdom.


I'm loving all the wildlife! Even though they are pesky sometimes--I didn't know you were in Oregon --for some reason I imagined you were on the Eastern side of the US--where in Oregon do you live if you don't mind me asking?

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