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The dolls are lovely! I agree, they look like kewpies :) So sweet. I'm too afraid to do hair, so all my nature table dolls or Waldorf type dolls wear hats, lol. The hair on Autumn and Winter is perfect! I can't wait to see these two finished.


They looks so soft and cuddly! I love the little hat boxes. I used to make full-size ones and even *they* were very tricky. I can't imagine doing them in miniature!


The dolls are sweet! I've made dolls from two of their patterns, that I see are no longer available. One is a gnome and the other is called "starbaby." Both have pointy hats so you don't have to worry too much about what the hair looks like! I wonder what little bonnets would look like on your babies? Hmmm...whatever you do, they'll be well loved!


The dolls are so cute! I have not been brave enough to try making any of them, though I think about it everytime we get the lovely catalog. My daughter does have two of the Waldorf dolls (Anna and her little sib). Your blog is just great - you always make wonderful things and you have a great sense of humor - it's really fun to read and I always look forward to it!


it is cooler, thank goodness. excited to see the 'productio-line" production


we laughed about the meat thermometer going off in the shade! and here we are freezing our tails off! i love the dolls and look forward to seeing them finished. the hat boxes look just fine! louise


Whew! That was close, I ALMOST made hat boxes for Club Little House, but changed my mind at the last minute! Yours are much cuter than mine would have been. And don't worry, you're not late, I'm just sending my things off this afternoon.

And I must say I love assembly line production, I was astonished how fast it went when I did one step at a time over and over again. I didn't have to stop and think too much, that always gets me in trouble!


Thank you Vicki for posting what is going on wiht your doll house. Even though we are not in the club (someday) we are getting wonderful ideas !!! Clarice


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one struggling with Club Little House! I am having fun with it but for somethin' so little it is taking a big amount of time...it is worth it though.


the dolls are very sweet. i'm sure your club little house hard work will pay off!


The dolls are so adorable! I'm quite inspired now to go and order one for myself. :)

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