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Ohhh very cute bag !!! Lucky girl. I agree, embroidery is a gentile art. I really love it. Chloe loves it too and even my Aubern'e (miss glue gun) is finding she likes embroidery !!! Clarice


That bag is adorable. Thanks for sharing how to transfer the design. I have always wondered about that.


Such a pretty bag! Beautiful stitches!


Very cute bag! I love embroidery too - thanks for the hints on transferring!


such a lovely little bag. And thanks for the tips on those pens...freehanding hasn't been happening for me of late...those pens might be just the answer.


What a nice gift! You do such lovely work.


Simply beautiful. Such a thoughtful gift and great work!


Ah Vicki, that is so charming! I love it! I so want to learn to embroider..there are a million things I would like to embroider, just no idea how! I love all the pretty things you show!


lol... is there any possible way that you could do me the favor of being just a tad less talented and mostly, a smidgen less quick!! My only excuse being I have TWO surprises I have to complete...lol

You're so sweet, she'll love it!



That bag is absolutely special and precious!


How funny! I just started teaching myself some embroidery stitches today.....and learned to my surprise that I already knew a few :) I'm finding any type of sewing by hand to be so peaceful and relaxing. Right now I'm trying to use a vintage Vogart transfer on a dress I just sewed, and the picture *just won't transfer*. It's driving me nuts! I guess I'll have to buy some transfer paper and do it the hard way :(

I love the little bag you made :)


LOve the embroidery on the bag. It reminds me of how at school on our gymskirts we had to emboider our name in thbottom right hab=nd corner.


Oh it's adorable!


Lovely work...you are so inspirational.
This bag is very sweet and I have to agree about embroidery...yes it is the gentle art.

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Absolutely beautiful ! I admire your work !! You're so amazing ! Have a nice weekend ! Hugs

laura dodson

oh dear me. this is adorable. she'll love it!

several folks last night told me i should find a way to spead up the embroidery process...possibly use a machine. my heart sank. sometimes slow is just fine.

me: oh! the absolute horror of machine embroidery...


so this is sorta OT, but i printed out your Lambkin pattern the other day, and tried to make it with some leftover silk (silly me). well, as you've probably guessed (i had no clue), it's unraveling at the sides, and is really hard to handstitch. is there anything i can do to remedy this, or are the cut pieces just for the trash pile, now?

me: Oh dear, I'm afraid silk is probably not the best fabrics to use
for stuffies...as you found out!! A nice cotton works best, but
felt and other medium-weight fabrics can also be used.

Andrea Atkinson

Thank you so much for this post. I have often wanted to try embroidery but don't know anyone who does it. I have found a UK company that sells transfer pens and am now waiting for the postman to deliver.

Is there any chance you could give us some words of wisdom about fabrics to work on.

You blog is by far the best one I visit and makes me yearn for a lifestyle like yours.



cute! I love the colors and the lettering. I just recently discovered the transfer pencil too. I was scanning and sending fabric through the printer before. the pencil is more in line with the gentile aspects of the discipline :)

and I too would love to hear what fabrics you like to work on. I think it's time to splurge on something other than, um, muslin.


such a lovely little bag, and your embroidery is always exquisite! i would love to know what type of linen you use? and thanks for the link to the pens, i always use the blue one...those look so much better!


I love your embroidery. Just the other day I traced a picture my daughter drew for me when her little brother was born. I am embroidering it for a pillow for my dressing table chair.
My question is -- I put the drawing on a litebox and traced it with a water soluble pen onto the fabric. Is that wrong? Should I use your method for better results?

me: Not necessarily, if you're happy with it. But knowing a few other methods can help you decide how to deal with a particular project. For instance, some fabric isn't transparent enough to see through. So in that case, using a light table or taping it up to a window wouldn't work as well. I find writing backwards lettering tricky, so a transfer pen makes that a bit easier. i don't think any one method works best for every situation though, so it's always nice to have choices.

Cassi Griffin

Great colors and beautiful embroidery Vicki! I made little drawstring bags for my kids and my neice and nephews and they are all well-loved, so I'm sure this will be a hit with your little friend :)


It's wonderful to see people still embroidering by hand ... In the States there isn't even a publication catering to hand embroidery .. so it's hard to come up with designs. I love your pruse, and with your permission, I'm going to try to make something similar for a friend to hold her make up in. Personally, I have used rubber stamps with success: stamped on paper, then scanned, and enlarged as necessary before printing either on paper, or directly on fabric. I'd like to know more about the various fabrics you use to embroider on. Linnen, cotton batiste, of course, muslin, occasionally silk. Have you tried anything else? Thank you - and I wish you continued creativity!
Best wishes from a lady quilter/embroiderer in Florida,


Your little drawstring bag is so adorable! I made a little drawstring bag from a japanese pattern a while ago and was just thinking of making more. Maybe I'll add the personalization to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristin Nicholas

Love the bag and love your blog! Keep up the inspiring work.


Kristin Nicholas


So lovely !

Callan is the name of my son :)


This is very beautiful & inspiring.

What I like most about embroidery is that I can often finish a project quickly or, if I choose, I can take a lot of time and do something more detailed. The amount of control and the flexibility w/ embroidery is what makes it my favorite craft.


i picked up embroidery about a week ago. mainly because my one year old hates the sound of the sewing machine and i had to come up with something i could do, quietlly standing next to her while she plays. she is not disturbed by it at all and even likes pulling the needle through the fabric. oh yes, i almost fainted when she pulled it through the first time!
have a great week!


I love this. I take it as therapy too. Just me and my needle in hand. I can't hardly wait to see how a piece will turn out. I'm working on a teddy bear in a dress...Can't wait to see it finished!


its beautiful...i completely agree with your sentiments about needlework.


I am just discovering the joy of embroidery and am loving it! This little sack is precious...Christmas present ideas are starting to sprout in my head!

Allie (skyrocketstar)

Adorable bag! I've been embroidering for over a year now.. but I just recently discovered Sulky pens (aaahhh, where have they been hiding?!). I love them! Embroidery is so much fun. I get lots of thinking done while I stitch away :)

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