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sounds like a perfect weekend. Those dolls are so sweet, would definitely make a birthday girl very happy indeed.


Sounds delightful. Love the doll and bag, the recipient is a lucky little duck!


Hello Vicki these dolls are charming. It would be hard to part them. I love the bag too. I sounds like a lovely day and thank goodness so much cooler. Clarice


I love all, dolls and the bag !


The dolls and the bag a wonderful. Such a thoughtful gift.


I have that same sense that summer is waning fast - we haven't had nearly enough picnics this year. I love the dolls and little bag. The flower petals in the skirts are so precious!


What a wonderful time you are all having--you made me hungry for all the food you mentioned. The dolls and bags are wonderful; I love the personalization. It's details like that which make a gift even dearer to the person receiving it--it demonstrates that you care very much.


You make Waldorf/Steiner dolls too. You should come and see mine. They are so lovely to make aren't they and wonderful to cuddle and so well appreciated when given as gifts - to children and grown-ups.It is my daughters birthday today and thsi is the first one of her nine birthdays when she hasn't received a new doll from me. I gave her new doll clothes instead.


Vickie, the dolls & the bag are adorable! What a lucky little girl. Those are gifts to treasure. :)


What a wonderful gift! I think children love getting things with their names on them and this bag is especially charming. Love the way you embroidered with the rainbow floss. The dolls turned out so nice!
The weather is cooler here too and the quality of the light seems a bit different today. I had sort of that summer's slipping by feeling this morning while watering my garden.


SUmmer is waning for you. While winter seems to be getting colder instead of warmer here. LOL

Great job aon the dolls and bag


The dolls are precious! Sounds like such a lovely weekend. You have a wonderful way with words.


Well, Ive sure missed alot of cuteness over here! Your book looks fantastic & sweet dolls! Congrats to your daughter on her new little business!! Great job!


awwwwwwwwwww to the infinite power! so darling.




Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! The twins are adorable - I love that you gave one a flower to tell them apart, so cute :)


Very cute indeed! A great way to make it through the summer heat, making dolls. I read that you chanced upon the velour fabric at JoAnns--the same thing happened to me! I found this great purplish-blue velour to clothe my doll, too. Although I didn't use the Magic Cabin patter (I love that store) I made up the pattern based on a dollmaking book called "Making Dolls" by Reincken. I blogged it, too:
thanks for sharing the cute pictures!


I LOVE your site! It is lovely!!!! Where did you get the doll pattern and bag pattern?

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