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I love this quilt, is simply W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!


What a beautiful quilt, and I love your idea about mini-quilts for your front entrance!


I love the idea of a quilt hanging for each holiday. This one is so happy and bright - just as the 4th of July should be.
Happy 4th of July to you and your family!
(have a piece of that cherry cobbler for me - if there's any left :-)


I've been thinking of trying a small quilt, about wall hanging size. I just love the colours on this one.


Look great! Love your choice of friendly fabrics :)




Beautiful. A happy Fourth !!! Clarice


what a beautiful quilt ! bravo !


Beautiful quilt!
I love the colours without being American :)


Incredible! The quilting is wonderful!


Lovely quilt! I love the red stitching (obviously by hand-hurrah!) on the back! That is STILL a good aspiration even though it was made a few years ago! And only 11 more months to go! I think you should GO for it-whenever you get bored! hehehe Rebecca


Gorgeous! Your stitches are so uniform and straight...great work! Love how the colors react to each other when looking at the quilt as a whole. What a neat reason for that little quilt!


I love your red, white and blue quilt - especially the red quilting. What a lovely idea to make seasonal quilts for your front entry. Thanks for sharing!


wow! This quilt is amazing. I love the red hearts so much.


Wonderful quilt!! I love the look of handquilting but have yet to muster the courage to try it. So pretty!


I really like the idea of making some small quilts right now, especially because I'm so inexperienced. I really want to try hand quilting and a small piece just seems doable!
Unlike the queen-size one I'm working on right now!! sheesh...what was I thinking???


What a gorgeous festive quilt! (Hmmm perhaps the next project will be a lap quilt? I'm very inspired by this! As soon as I finish the knitting, sewing, crocheting, and etc... around here....) I love it. And I love the idea of hanging seasonal quilts -- what a great way to decorate! I am posting a small package to you this morning with the s&h for the fabric bundle and a couple little goodies for you... Enjoy!


Yes, the outdoors does beckon this time of year. I love those days when the weater cooperates and I can embroider outside on the patio, but the little weeds in the garden mock me and soon I'm in the borders plucking them out, lol! In the heat waves we so frequently have, the library is my best friend and DH keeps us stocked with reading and listening material. :D


It's beautiful, Vicki.

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