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Oh, don't you just wish you had a special time machine so you could see who was making this quilt, and for whom :)


Oh Vicki,this post got me a little choked up. It's going to be beautiful when you finish it.


How neat that you are finishing what was someone's labor of love.


WOW. please let us know when you finish it :)



This quilt is so beautiful!

I made a quilt for my daughter with nursery rymes on it and she still has it even though it is well used and a lot of the stitching is missing. However, my poor son never got his. I made the squares with ABC's like this one your working on, but never finished. I did at one time in desperation peice the top (rather badly I'm afraid) just so he could use it for a short while. I now have it sitting in my UFO pile waiting to be taken apart and put together correctly.

My son's son is now 9 months old. Maybe I can use your insperation and finish it for him one day?


OH you really must finish it and show us the finished product. It's absolutely beautiful. To think some one sat there and sewed it just like you are.


That is one helluva find. I have a number of beautiful tops that I'm frightened to finish, in case I ruin them. There's years of someone's life in this one. What a treasure.


awesome. I'm so jealous of people finding rare jewels like this at garage sales. It never happens to me! ebay is rough too cuz you never know just by looking. This is beautiful what a treauser

Miss Pink Ponsonby

Your site makes me happy every day! I just come for a visit and go away feeling...uplifted. I don't know what it is, just the sweet fun stuff you have! Thank you!

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