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Wow! AMAZING! I can't BELIEVE that she made the book and flipflops and the book-and the delectables too. How CREATIVE. Is the lotion made from clay also? I can't stop gushing...I really can't. Great JOB Grace!


AMAZING! Just like Rebecca said before me... Grace...you do have a gift. I would be all thumbs. I hope your little business continues to thrive!


Grace has outdone herself! These are all so cute - I love the flip flops.

Mama Urchin

I want to run out and buy a dollhouse just looking at them.


Oh these are wonderful! I just ordered a cupcake and a cake because I couldn't resist! Grace you are very talented. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity.


How does she do it?! It's amazing. I love the beach bag, and the donuts. The cakes are of course amazing. I wish I were that talented. Please tell Grace that she has many admirers, and may just convert this one into a dollhouse collector. (oh boy, my husband would love that, another incredibly girly and expensive collecting hobby).



Those are all just TOO TOO cute!!

I was going to wait to buy a doll house until I had a grand DAUGHTER. But, I think I need to get one so I can get in on all of the great stuff!

Grace, you have GREAT TALENT!!!

(and i use too many exclamation points - i know...)


you have some VERY talented girls there! I can't wait until I can find a doll house and start collecting items such as Grace makes. I can't even comprehend how she makes them ALL look so perfect! Every time I see one of her delectable creations I swear it sets my sweet tooth off!

BTW- glad they liked the books, hope they can find something they might like to make, but who knows, may or may not be their style. There are a lot of cute things to look at that's for sure. :)


My 5 year old son is so impressed by the beach set especially the cute flip flops! Grace has such attention to detail, the doilies with the cupcakes and the flowers on the choc cake - it's art.


I can't get over those perfect tiny things! Grace is amazing. The two of you must have the most fun together!

Pam Kellogg


I can't believe what a great job Grace does with the polyclay! I played with polyclay all day yesterday and didn't come up with anything nearly as beautiful as Grace's pieces!

I made some strawberry beads which came out nice but wanted to do some flowers and didn't have much luck. Maybe Grace would like to make some beads?

Love your blog!


Please convey my total admiration to Grace - her miniature sculptures are divine!


That girl is amazing - what incredible spatial/artistic ability she has. I can't begin to fathom how she makes those tiny little things, let alone so realistically. Go Grace!

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