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Such gorgeousness, I can hardly stand it.


You make me want to set up a house myself! And then what would my hubby say? "Another hobby!?" lol


Ooooh! This makes me want a doll house!


Oh Vicki, I love how you have everything set up! So much fun. I was able to join in on the fun this time around and I can't wait till the package arrives. I'm so tempted to show what I made like everyone else. It's just so exciting. I think I'm enjoying my doll house now more than when I was a kid or my daughter does...LOL


Amazing cuteness! Everything looks wonderful, you have it all arranged to perfection. I am mortified to admit that the inside of mine has made no progress whatsoever. Been too too busy! Need time!


Your hat boxes and hats are so cute! All this dollhouse stuff is just killing me! But no, I.must.resist.buying.a.dollhouse. I.must.


I love the Club Little House items that everyone is sharing. Y'all must be having so very much fun and I'm glad for you. It has inspired me to think about things I can make for my own dollhouse. Thank you for sharing your wonderful items.


So sweet! I want to move in.


Oh don't do this to me. You are allready partly responsible for getting this whole family in a playhouseproject and now you are feeding my budding dollhouseobsession!


Sometimes, a person just HAS to say these things out loud/on line: jeeze louise. I had no idea that furnishing in miniature required a fortune. I like those moments, when all my assumptions (which, naturally, had less than an iota of thinking behind them) get shaken and now I'm just glad to know. :)


my goodness! hmmm, maybe 2's not too young for a dollhouse after all. :)

the hatboxes are so sweet.

Cassi Griffin

I love looking at the sweet perfection that is your dollhouse! The hatboxes and stands are so cute, I'm sure everyone will love them :)


I just love your Club Little House posts - I get my "fix" of miniatures, living vicariously through your blog - teehee). Everything is so perfectly sweet; especially that little feminine bedroom suite - just adorable!

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