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Hi Pal! The apron is wonderful, and I like the minimalist look too--but a small touch of embroidery might be just the ticket.

Love the inspiration link, where do you find that kind of stuff?


It looks great. I like the minimal look. What type of embroidery are you thinking?
Those booties are so cute. It will be so fun to see those all done up.


Thank you I need some advice. I was thinking of a little white flower either at the top or on the bottom corner. Any other ideas?


I could imagine a small yellow duck either centered top or in the corner. Just a little something...Love your stuff, thanks for the great links!

Karen in Wichita

I'm partial to ladybugs on linen, myself. Or maybe strawberries, I dunno why. I think it's the red. I'm not a huge fan of red, but red plus unbleached linen I like.


I too would add a small embroidery. Something neutral, or even a little black. That way it would go with anything. Its lovely enough be left alone too.

We also received Graces doughnuts and they are cuter than even in the pictures. The only thing was, I let my son look at them and turned my head only to look back and see him acting like he was eating them. They were rescued from the clutches of an ornery boy and luckily no marks left...LOL


I was thinking white floral, too! just a tad, though, maybe a spray or just a single on one side at the top. that's my 2 cents!


I love the look but I'm sure the recipient would appreciate just a smidge of your beautiful embroidery too!


The maternity top is darling...so versatile and simple. Maybe send along a few pin-on accesories to allow the intended wearer the choice of how to mix it up? Just an idea!

Julie Blueberry

Very lovely top! I wish I had something like that when I was pregnant. :)
I like the idea of the pin-on accessories like Cricket suggested, you make such cute stuff! maybe a covered button with a embroidered design on it?
Oh also if you can't understand the Japanese craft book instructions, you might try Vogue Pattern #7707 for baby shoes, they have 6 different styles and it's in English! *grin*


I have just found your wonderful website and I am in AWE!!! You are amazing. I so envy your creativity. I have gone ga ga over your bags. I don't know when you will have anymore available, but I would love to purchase one. I have been reading your entire blog and the bags you made for your daughter and her friend are just stunning. I will keep reading daily. Thanks for a pleasant respite in my workday. BTW-I too was just sick when Victoria magazine stopped publishing. Leah


Vicki, I love the apron. I'd like to make something like that for myself. If you think about it, would you bring it to park day sometime so I can see how you constructed it?


I too would have loved something like this when pregnant. Fabulous idea. I like the idea of the pin on accessory.

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