Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I love all the ideas you're talking about but am unclear about how everyone is using the Japanese craft books/magazines I keep hearing about. Does everyone speak/read Japanese except me? I'm feeling so stupid. Or do you just figure out what they're doing from the pictures?


Your corner looks cool and pretty Vicki. A perfect place to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon with a good book.
That red/white linen bag caught my eye right away too!


Hi there, I'm pleased you asked that question June. I have had a look at the Amazon site and can never see any of the fantastic looking books I see advertised. Where do I go to look for them?? I subscribe to a Japanese quilt magazine and they are always so full of great ideas. I always feel very inspired after looking at them.

me: start here and narrow your search by clicking on a specific category in the left sidebar.


First of all I love your cool corner! Second that book looks like a gamble that will pay off well. Can not wait to see what your create!


I so love all those projects, especially the red and white bag!
Please comment on the Japanese books. I, too, want to know "how that works."


its always about this time of year I wonder why we don't have more shade trees. i have quilter's studio and its one of my favorites by far. enjoy flipping through it and staying cool.


Hi Vicky,
I bought this book a few weeks back from e-Bay.

I especially love the linen bag and house sewing cases. Definitely on my list to-do


Can't choose between the red and white linen bag and the vanity case! Hmm, must need both.


I bought this book in June and it's a big favourite of mine. There are just so many ideas in this one. So classy, yet simple!
And Vicki, as soon as I saw that red and white bag in the book, it conjured up your fabulous bags to my mind. It is so you - it looks like a bag you could have designed.
Ah, if only days were 48 hours long, eh? :)


I like the corner and those wonderful projects.


That bag is so you - I was sure it was one of your designs when I first saw it - lovely! The book looks great, and I love those little houses as well!


A very beautiful 'corner', and I love your flower arrangement. That red & white linen bag is great ~ I have wanted to try a bag with the rick rack edging for some time. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


wow, i am a bit envious...your new book looks so fun! i have yet to figure out Amazon Japan so will have to continue to ogle everyone elses lovely books :) can't wait to see what you make from it!


How pretty! Yet one more book for me to put on my to-get list at Kinokuniya. :) Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh thank you so much for sharing those pictures. They just inspire me!


Ohh these are some really yuumy things !!!


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Currently bogged down in hot, sultry weather, I totally related to your frustration of not getting those windows shut earlier in the day. I wish I could wake up right at dawn to keep the coolest air inside and all that hot stuff outside!


Thanks for sharing the Amazon Japan info!


I m not Japonese but French (living in U.K)and i like your "blog"
I agree, Japonese are good for making things especially in fashion....


It's finally cooling down here - hope it cools down soon for you, too!

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