Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Congratulations! The quilt looks beautiful (as does the cat...but then again, when don't they?) My mother and I were both admiring your quilting skills (she's a "hippie" quilter from way back, and said that she has a double wedding ring pattern she was quilting with a spider web design she hasn't finished somewhere...hmmm). This inspires me to dig in the ever growing pile...to finish up something!


It does look like pink icing! What wonderful memories your girls will have when they look at these lovely quilts through the years to come.
I don't know how the term 'catnap' came to mean a quick nap - My cats can sleep like hibernating bears! :-)


Hurrah for finishing! The quilt look terrific and I love the Dutch kids. :)
Lily is adorable! She looks so cosy and peaceful in the picture. Makes me wish I was a cat with endless napping time.


Gorgeous quilts! Great job! Your daughters are sure to treasure them (as will your grandchildren and great grandchildren, no doubt!)

Mama Urchin

I bet you feel great having finished such a big project. Congrats!


Well, aren't you quick? It looks lovely! I think my June finishes will have to wait until after Graduation this weekend. I'm in a made rush for that. I'm making my list, though.


It always amazes me how I can get so close to finishing something and then just stop. The longer I leave it the bigger the job seems to grow and then when I finally go back to it, it takes almost no time at all. The idea of finish what you have will keep me going for months - I'm very good at starting, not so good at finishing.

Glynda Black

I have to tell you how beautiful your Dutch quilt is. I really, really would like that quilt for myself. It's so cheery and sweet. Congratulations. Glynda


Vicki, what a charming quilt. You quite amaze me !! Good for you to, to work on what you have. Clarice

Karen from Silver Seams

Now I'm *really* feeling like a FWYH underachiever, because I'm still on the "Decide which of the UFOs to tackle" step...

me: try eenie meenie miney mo...


Vicki, how cute! And you are right seeing all the time and love that goes into it will make her appreciate it alot more or atleast a lot sooner. My grandma made me a holly hobby one, that I just adore but as I child I never thought about how much she put into it, as it was keep a secret.


Nice cat and quilt!!! I have 3 cats and they all love to sleep on my quilts!!!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Oh my god this is so cute ! I'm in love also with the words in the heart :) You're so cute ! Smooches


These are wonderful gifts you are giving your daughters Vicki. I come from a family of quilters and know how much work is involved in each of these works of art. I have a couple of quilts made and given to me by family members. One of them was made by my grandmother who passed away a few years ago. I still feel her love and energy wrapped up in my quilt and it is truly one of my most treasured things.


Yay, finished! And beautiful.

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