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That is so cool! What a wonderful project for your daughter. (BTW, I get an error when I click the Etsy link.)


I get an Error too. I love Grace's things! Happy Belated Birthday, Grace!


I can never resist chocolate cake.

I purchased one from the shop.

So cute!!


Grace, your work is amazing! It is a gift to be able to do such detailed work in that tiny size. You have a little budding business...soon to be blooming! You'll see!
Ginger...give Arabella an extra squeeze for me today.

Alicia P.

Well, Miss Grace, if you are the cutest girl to wear a pouf boutonniere on earth I don't know who is. Now I'm off to buy a bitty cake (I hope!). Love, alicia


Soooo cute!

Oh, goodness! I have to get something! Know to pick.....


Grace, How wonderful! I can't wait to purchase something from the shop! Always make what you love!


Grace's desserts look so delicious! They can't possibly be made from sculpy. :)


Speaking as the proud owner of itty bitty pastries AND a cake by the amazing Grace, I can tell you these are the CUTEST and most perfect little creations you have ever ever ever SEEN! I love them to pieces!


Grace, you REALLY do have golden hands! Your donuts and cakes are lovely as they can be! Congratulations*
Vicky, thanks for sharing all that fun, and everything you got on the CLH swap!


These are so gorgeous. I NEVER would have guessed that they weren't real! I've wanted to try Sculpy and now I'm really inspired, though I'm sure my creations won't be this wonderful :)


Oh my gosh, these are wonderful! I'm going to have to start watching the Etsy shop so I don't miss out next time.

Mrs. Staggs

These are so charming and very well done. How clever and creative of Grace to think of making them!

Pam Kellogg

Oh Vicki, aren't those cute! Your girls are just as gifted as you are. I didn't know you had an Etsy shop! I've listed you in my favorites!!


Grace! How wonderfully talented you are :) It all looks so yummy.


These look so incredible! How very very skilled and clever. I wish I had such patience :)

me: I wish I did too! (Grace says, Thank You!)


So very cute! And really nice work too. Where in the world do you find those tiny boxes? Those donuts look so yummy, everthing actually!

me: well...would you believe it, Grace makes the boxes too!


Get OUT of town!! That sculpy (and masters of it like Grace) is going to have a LOT of 'splaining to do one day. Messing with my mind and taste buds like that. SpecTACular work!


Oh my goodness, those are amazing!


When I saw those donuts on Alicia's site I thought they were the coolest thing! Grace is doing a fab job! They're so clever, I keep wondering how they are made! (esp the fritos packet!)

When I was a kiddie I did embroidery and sold it at the 'home industries' store in our town via my mom's account there. It was great to sell stuff and get the money back! I hope Grace has as good a time as I did :)


Oh I so need to paint up my daughters dolls house so we can start getting lots of little fab food and stuff for it!


Oh I so need to paint up my daughters dolls house so we can start getting lots of little fab food and stuff for it!

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