Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Oh my, these quilts are extraordinary! I can understand why you might have lost steam for a while there. So much work! I can only say they are absolutely magnificant and I wish you lots of luck and energy to get them finished so you can totally show them off to everyone who comes by. Wow wow and wow!


Wow, I'm out of breath just reading about it. Beautiful work, they'll be treasured into future generations I am sure.


Tulips and children, are beautiful !!! un grand bravo, je regrette de ne pas pouvoir vous parler mieux et plus longtemps !


The Dutch kids quilt is beautiful too! I love applique.


I must agree with Meg..breathless, indeed! The quilts are VERY beautiful and indicative of your detailed, gorgeous work. G&G are blessed to receive these works of love.

Mama Urchin

Wow, you started big! No easing into it for you. The quilts are beautiful.


I have a huge applique project that I desperately need to finish for my daughter. Unfortunately I am nowhere near completion - but I am determined to have it at least ready for hand quilting before this year is over!


I am so glad you share your projects with all of us "out here". It is just breathtaking sometimes to look at your photos. Your work here especially is beautiful. I have never seen the dutch children and tulip pattern and each of them is sure to be prized by your daughters, who, by now know what kind of work will have gone into these! What a pleasure to be involved via the internet on your progress! I love your "can-do" attitude.


Just lovely! Very inspirational... I have a box of projects that are near completion (some with only a couple of hours' work left)... time to bring it out and FINISH something!


Where have I been?? I just found out about the Finish what you have...Where do I begin..LOL


both of those quilts are amazing...just amazing!! My mom has decided she is going to make a quilt from start to finish by hand. Like the olden days, she says. No rotary cutter, no machine at all. I don't think I would get past the cutting. I thought I may try it with a small quilt or wallhanging. I have to admit, though, machine quilting is pretty nice...but you have inspired me to try some more hand quilting...and to finish up some things.


A friend told me about your site and my cranky response to her was, "Yeah, thanks for telling me about yet another site where I can feel rotten about what I don't get done in a day!" Then I actually came over here and read some of your blog, looked at your gorgeous pictures, lovely quilts, sweet children, beautiful flowers and fell in love. You are one talented woman! Thanks for sharing it all with the world!


Wow wow wow! Both of the quilts are stunning. I'm sure they are a LOT of work, but, oh, so wonderful!


Um...jeez. I'm impressed again. I hand quilted two little stars on quilt yesterday and felt proud. You are on a serious roll.


wow the work that's gone into that applique is wonderful!


wow the work that's gone into that applique is wonderful!

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