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That is the best idea I've seen in a long time. I just moved my 4-year-old dd's things from her armoire into her closet. She would love to have a doll house that she can play with when she is in her room for rest time, but can close when baby brother is in her room. I was wondering what to do with the armoire, and now I can make plans to make her a Doll Mansion. Thanks.

Mama Urchin

The cabinet is a fantastic idea and one I might borrow. The club little house stuff looks so cute.


That is such a good idea - especially the drawers for storing the extra bits and bobs.


What a fun idea! I love how the doors open up & you can really see inside. So many doll houses are hard to look into. I've been admiring all the tiny works of art everyone's received in the swap. Fabulous!


I love this idea! We bought a HUGE dollhouse at a garage sale a couple of years ago, but it is too large and bulky to fit comfortably in Callan's room, so it remains an outside doll house. I must be on the lookout for a dresser cabinet such as this! You are so clever Vicki.



My folks wouldn't (couldn't) buy me a Barbie dream house (mid-70's), so I used an old book case. Not decorated quite as finely as this, but it did the trick. Your version, with the doors and drawers to keep everything contained, yet off the floor, rocks!


Vicki, I love this idea for the doll house.
I have a book on how to make a plastic canvas doll house that I was thinking of making but it would take so long it wouldn't leave much time for creating furniture etc.
I will be on the lookout for one of these at garage sales and/or the thrift stores to make one for my grand children! Thanks for the fantastic idea!

(I had a cardboard dollhouse early 70's).

On another note, do you or either of your daughters do plastic canvas? If so could you e-mail me your snail mail addy as I have something I would love to send you all to make and put in your doll house if you would like.


O M G !

What a Fabulous idea!!! You're a Genius :)


What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing with us! :)


What a brilliant idea!


heavens...what a fabulous idea! I want to come to your house and play with your doll house! (my mom is going to freak!! I wonder what piece of furniture is going to get emptied out this week?)


Well, clearly I need another dollhouse, exactly like this one.


I think the unfinished furniture stores better stock up on this model...I predict this style will be in great demand now!




Okay this is pretty brilliant idea. Chloe is dying to be your next door neighbor !! It is a charming old house in Paris. Thank you (again) for the inspirations !! Clarice


hiya! got here from peasoupofthedays' blog, and checked out your Apron stream on Flickr. just want to thank you for having that picture of the clothespin apron. it reminded me of one my grandmother worn, and so few memories of her are left these days. so thanks again.

do you happen to have a link handy of where you did an entry about that one?

:) ~Laura


this is so cool...
i'm going to show it to my daughter
tonight and see what kind of interest
her preteen-uncertain-if-its-still-cool
to-play self will show...


wow! this is so adorable!


I just jumped on the dollhouse bandwagon, and I sense an addiction coming on here. Am I doomed?! I hope I can create mine as awesome as yours!


fabulous.I will be on the lookout for an armoire now.


What a wonderful idea! I have an old gun cabinet that I found for cheap, cheap. The glass is broken out of the doors and I replaced it with chicken wire and primed it for paint. Long story short, I have had no ideas for it, until now! I can't wait to get started. Thank you for such inspiration.

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