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I am just delighted that you all love Arabella as much as I do...I laughed right out loud at the announcement of baby Gus! I had NO IDEA! Surprize, surprize, surprize!


Hi, Vicki!

I am a lurker and just wanted to tell you that I have been inspired by Arabella and will be buying some socks from here:


Just thought that you might want to know about that site.



Best wishes for the new mum and baby Gus! :o)


Arabella brings back great child hood memories of my own sock monkey (not quite as cute),too bad mine never had babies :)


I love the sock monkey! Enjoy your new treasures! :)


So happy for Gingy :)

Isn't sweeping the porch satisfying? I love that chore. Although, I only have a deck right now and not a porch--but I used to!


oh arabella is just the best sock monkey ever!!


Congratulations to the lovely Arabella (& Auntie Ginger - or is she the fairy godmother?), on the birth of baby Gus : )


Arabella (love her name by the way) is just sumptuous !!! Clarice

Tyler (Dawn's son)

Wow, thanks for posting the great story. My mum certainly makes some of the coolest stuff, and I'm glad you liked the monkey. It's too bad that the quality of those socks has gone downhill. However, I think there will always be a demand for monkeys of all kinds:) Neat stuff, now if only some of her creativity had been passed on to her son. I can only wish:D

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