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I have just emailed you :) Yes my husband designed it!!!! I gave him the fabric pattern and he did the rest...... :)

me: Thanks so much Justine, and please thank your hubby too!


It's always good to come back here,to your wonderful place!
The quilts you have to finish are lovely and this idea of "finnish what you have" can also jump from the craft world to the real life. We all have our big or litle projects to finnish, but sometimes some of them can get stucked in the drawer! This idea can give us the push to get them done and accomplish our forgotten projects other than just craft projects.
So lets make real something (or somethings!) we are planning to do but because this and that, we haven't done it yet!


When I read your entry about the bias binding the first thing I thought of was continuous bias binding.

I'm sure you know you can make it yourself right?

I had my first experience of making my own a few months ago for a quilt and I am *so* not ever buying any again.

There's two advantages: you can choose any colour you like and you can have it any thickness you like.

It's stronger than regular bias binding if you use the double thickness. Best of all, you can get yards and yards out of a FQ.

Here's a link to the instructions I used for mine (even though I had to call my mom a few times to make sure I was doing it right!).

http://pir8.freeservers.com/quilting/CBT/ <-- that's the tutorial I used

http://www.savvyseams.com/techniques/biastape.php <-- photos of the process

I'm sure you know all this anyway, but I thought I'd share :)


Lovely ~ your whole blog is delightful and I must say your quilts look divine :)


I love the Finish What You Have idea. Personally, June for me will be Organize What You Have. Then maybe July will be Swap What You Have. I need to do some fabric housekeeping. Thanks to you and Toni for the inspiration!


Ah ha! Finally something I can do with all those oodles of bias tape I have no idea what to do with! Seriously, I have waaay more than I will ever need in lots of different colours and widths, so next time you need something, just give me a shout :)


I have a few things to finish up. I'm so glad to have found this!


Sorry I'm late, but I am definately into "Finish What You Have" I will be sure to sign up with your Flickr group. Thanks! I love the second quilt too! It's so pretty! I have been refraining from buying new fabrics and such because I have been trying to use what I have already. Good idea!


Vicki, I LOVE both your quilts.....so much work, they are true treasures!

This may sound bad but it is kind of good to know other people have to go on 'quests' to get their stuff too. I truly thought it was just my 'bad luck' even if I don't really believe in luck.

I also was thinking maybe if you soaked all the bias binding in the sink in some hot water maybe the colors would mesh together better? I don't know if this would really work but I thought it might be woth a try.

And as someone else mentioned I am also bringing 'finish what you have' into other parts of my life. We are finally unpacking and hanging the pictures in our house. It's only been 1 1/2 years that's not too bad is it? :)


oh I just love your white picket fence!


Hi there, I made a post about Finish What You Have and Use What You Have on Craftster here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=16739500.0

I think it's great, and I'm already finishing things up so I thought I'd try and spread the word :)

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