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Oh my goodness, yes!!! I am so there. This is just the sort of motivation I need. Doesn't it just feel wonderful to finally complete somthing that's been sitting around forever? I think unfinished projects mess with my mojo. We should get a button and make this a real thing. I say thumbs up on finish what you have!

Alicia A.

I'm in! I definitely have some projects around here that need to get wrapped up.


...yes...thank you for the reminder..i'm off the finish something...

Helen Gillis

Yes, count me in!!! I have many beautiful half done things that have been languishing - I won't say how long :) Trouble is I also have so many ideas and plans....Good luck all!


I'm in. I found Use What You Have Month to be transformative. It extended way beyond my fabric purchasing.

I am finishing a quilt I pieced last year.


Oh-oh, I so know what I have to finish. Finally turn my Round Robin fabric into a wallhanging! :) Thank you for the push :)


I am so in! First up, a Tshirt quilt started last summer with the intention of being a Christmas present for my daughter.


Oh yeah! My middle name is "unfinished projects" right now! Yep, LK Unfinished Projects Ludwig.


I am totally with you on this one! Actually, I finished very little in the Use What You Have, but what I did do, were unfinished projects. So, today, I have been going through my sewing area reclaiming projects. Now to decide which one(s) will be the priority.


I'm in. :)

Mama Urchin

What an incredibly wonderful idea! Hmmm, now, where to begin...


Excellent idea! Time to finish that scarf I started knitting a few months ago...


Several friends and I who participated in Use What You Have April decided to continue in that vein and declared May "Get It Done Already May!" It worked so well (I finished a quilt for my daughter's bed that's been 2 years in the making, made a roof for the kids' playfort, finished some gifts and more) that I think we're just going to continue into June. Looking forward to pictures of your finished projects!


OK, now the challenge is to pick: which one? Out of about 100.

Love this idea. Sign me up.


Yup, I'll do it. Great idea!


Brilliant idea. A whole month dedicated to those poor little unloved orphan projects. I not only have my own, I've been buying other people's at antique stores and on eBay. I'm in. But the thought of the restaint and discipline this will take makes me blanch.


Ok, I'm in with the rest of you. I can't wait to tell DH. He isn't going to believe it until he sees it though! :)

Why do men focus on what we haven't finished instead of the great new ideas that are roaming through our minds and see the necesity of bringing them to fruitation before you forget them?


Oh yes V., great idea! Of course I'll have to join in. Now you just need a flickr group to showcase all the finished projects(and a button)! But maybe someone will take that on like they did for me. There is one project I have in mind that has been really bugging me. It's so close to being done. I'm pushing hard to get the wedding quilt done, but if I can squeeze in time for this one thing, I'll be super happy. Thanks for the push!


i'm in too! we are moving next week. at that stage of packing where i'm throwing *everything* in the boxes -- "i'll sort it all out later". so, that's my first project, streamlining the new garden view studio. second project, get that *(&# blog going, to which i can post all the finished projects :)


I am definitely going to join you this one. Great idea Vickie!

Green Darner

I'll be coming along for this journey also as I have lots of unfinished things (via lack of time and a crockety old machine)and a whole summer and new machine to devote to getting them done.


Wonderful idea. I have enough unfinished projects to last a year, but a month would give me a good start! :)

greenbeanbaby art

how neat! i did this in may but i called it the unfinished project... its great to see how i am not the only one with many projects started but not enough finished!

best wishes!


Oh yes, wonderful idea! :)
I need a kick up the butt to get myself finishing all the goodies lying around in my sewing room!
I think this calls for a 'To Do List' blog post! Any excuse will do :P

MissMeshell xx

stephanie s

count me in too, although, i think i will have to extend it through labor day.... great idea.


Count me in - one quilt and another quilt top to finish!


Great idea! Certainly count me in. :)


I'm in and a month may not be long enough to get it all done, but it will surely help me focus! Great idea!


That's exactly what I need to do, so count me in.


Count me in!


That's a good idea!


Yes Please!!! I have a list in my sidebar (among others) of things I want/need to complete. I can't wait!!! Do we have a button yet?


That is such a wonderful idea, I'll have to seam a sweater that's been sitting around. Thanks!


Yes, yes, yes! Just the kick in the butt I need! I'm going to focus on finishing my first quilt (it needs to be quilted) which I started, uh...four years ago? Five? I don't want to think about it. And finish the quilt I started just a few months ago. THEN I can proceed with my wedding quilt.

I think I need to lay down.


Definitely count me in. I have so many projects just waiting to be finished - that's what I get for starting so many things at once.


I'm in on this too! I took the 4 month Wardrobe Refashion pledge, where you agree not to buy any new clothing. You have to make clothing or recycle what you already have. So while digging through my fabrics to use in that project, I found two half finished purses that I had started a few years ago and a t-shirt applique that I had made and printed out, but never did anything with. I now have them set aside to finish, along with some other things.


I am SO excited about this month! I may even have to go off & make a button for it!


what a great idea! i'll have to dig through my pile of unfinished stuff. btw-took a look at your playhouse photos. now, that looked like a wonderful project! how exciting for your girls.


i am so doing this this month. i am also doing the wardrobe refashion, and am having a hard time justifying starting anything new with a couple shirts sans sleeves and a half knit sweater staring at me in my studio. count me in!!


Oh yes, definetely!! I have a wonderful old pair of pillowcases that I've been embroidering on for five years! Just one of those projects that I really didn't enjoy and would love to have behind me! Great idea!!


Okee dokee! I'm in. Today I am refinishing my bench - I got the stain at Home Depot a year ago...


oh yeah... I have an entire shelf unit of "UFO"s and "USO"s (UFO=unfinished object, USO=unstarted object) just waiting to be attended to. I have been thinking about getting back to a memory/wall quilt, that I started at a class at a crazy quilting retreat two years ago. It's a hankie quilt (from the book, Hanky Panky, by this really funny, interesting woman-she taught the class-and now I can't remember her name). Hopefully I'll get that finished and move on to another UFO/USO.


I. am. soooo. in.

Granted, I've got so many projects on the needles and partially cut out that I've actually -forgotten- more of them than I could remember in a month, but it's a worthy effort, especially since I'm in to KALs that have cast-on stitches and NOTHING ELSE.

Yeah, I'm bad. Count me in.


Great idea. Possibly the kick in the rear I've been needing to finish a few projects...sadly abandoned when something more interesting took my fancy! ;-)


i am SOOOOOOO up for this! not only are almost all of my knitting needles in "use" (i.e. holding together half finished projects), but i also have a number of promised baby projects for which the recipients are going to be adults by the time i get to them!!


green bean baby posted something similar, http://greenbeanbaby.typepad.com/main/2006/05/the_unfinished_.html


count me IN! this is an excellent challenge, now...where to begin? i think i'll just dive into the pile and see what i can grab with my teeth, you know, like that arcade game...


Great idea! I have a couple of quilts in the basement from the early '90s, LOL!


Yes! That's what we all need so we can start new projects in July :)


I might a few months of finish what you started! I'm definitely in for June! (though I will be doing other projects, regardless...ah, well). : )


I'm definitely in!!! Just the motivation I need!!


Excellent - what a fabulous compliemtn to use what you have! So many projects, so few completed. I am in for this in a big way - now who's going to start the Flickr group?

The FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE flickr group pool is over here:


Oh yes I'm in!I only have a few unfinished projects but they are from way back!So the baby clothes quilt and the cat cushion will be finished in June.See now I've said in public I will have to!


I'm in! Do you need a button made up? My husband can do it if you want....


This has been my personal challenge to myself this year- I have at least a year's worth of UFO quilts. I've been keeping a list on my sidebar and plugging my way through them- and it feels so good! A community of folks doing the same thing sounds lovely- I'd love to join in!


My, this is a popular idea. Well, I just dropped by your blog and saw this, and I am in. My UFOs have all been calling out to me lately, and I have had a hard time deciding which one to take care of first. I think I'll just take one at random and get to work on it. Any attention to them will be better than no attention, right?


Just now catching up to the boat... what a great idea! I am embarassed to admit (even to myself) how many unfinished projects I have stashed away. I will try to get them out from under the bed, in the back of the closet, from wherever they are and get them DONE!

the knitchick

great idea! i was just thinking the same thing myself. all those unfinished projects lying around have been driving me insane. im definately in. x


Is it too late to join the frey?! I have a puppy quilt that needs finishing for Christmas two years ago! (thank goodness he's a dog and has no expectations)


oh, lordy. I have been working on my daughter's redwork quilt for 5 YEARS. This might be the month.

Michele Smit

I LOVE the Dutch quilt!! Could I ask where you found such a pattern? I don't think I could tackle a full size quilt, but perhaps a wall hanging :) Thank you for sharing!!

Claudia Rohling

I have to tell you that your challenge has been one of the best things that could have happened to both my purse strings and my creativity! Thank you!


Great idea! I am so in with this challenge, as I look around at all the unfinished things in my craft room.


I'm in. I am working on my ATC indulgence project, need to finish a christmas stocking, a baby afghan, a relationship mixed media sampler, and swaps. For this of you who wouldlike to be included in the ATC project - please visit my blog. Project details in the may archives.



me too. great idea. let's see what of those gazillion things will make it. does it also mean not to start something new in june? *g* that could be the hard part...


Fantastic idea!


I'm in...mind you I am pretty sure I have more unfinished projects than there are days in the month. :-)



This is just what I need,, for goodness sake.. it is why i started blogging in the first place.. so I would have to actually finish stuff.


I am so in! I have a million things to finish, so it's the summer of finish some crap up!


Thanks everyone for your positive reinforcement of this idea. May we all meet at the fnish line!!


I'm definitely in.... This is one I continue to struggle with... Must finish, must finish, must.....


This is a splendid idea. Something we could all use, and hopefully it can spawn some new habits to keep us from being overwhelmed with projects. They take up a lot of brain-space, even if we aren't working on them. Good idea! Thank you dearly,



My craft closet thanks you... my children thank you...my husband thanks you... and the wonderful patterns I bought from you for the tea towels thank you ( I still have Friday, Sat, & Sun to go)oh... and the pillowcases with the His and Hers ( yet another great purchase from you)..thanks you!


Count me in as well!


Oh yeah, I can definitely do this! Such a great idea Vicki :)


I've only just come across your site and this Post, hich is a wonderful idea. It was the whole impetus for our Blog over at misswoolly.blogspot.com We started a monthly craft group for our friends so we could finish all of the imcomplete projects lying around...so I guess that makes me in!
ps. I love your site!! That playhouse project is amazing. keep up your inspiring work.

Clara L. Williams

It is Feb. '07 already, but I am SO in also. I have all kinds of stuff lurking around waiting to be finished.



What a good idea and wonderful blog you have, I just found you all through Inspire Co...

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