Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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These poodles are fabulous!


Oh, those towels are so cute!
Thank you Vicki for emailing me about the flickr group.
I have barely anything to finish - I just had that Round Robin fabric actually - but oh boy, I have so many projects ready to start; and this impetus you launched should also inspire me to get started on those summer dresses and so on. Of course, the fact that summer has finally arrived in France is certainly helping!

Oh, those towels are adorable. Just imagine using them everyday of the week - you'd be smiling all the time!

Joy Libby


How do I order the pattern for the cute purse under the topic "Use what you have"
I would love to make it!


I love the poodle transfers. Are they available on your site. Just what I need are more transfers.....but I love them.


I'm in puppy love with those poodles -
Hope you find their lost weekend :-)


thanks for the update! it really is a wonderful idea.

p.s. the title for this post made me laguh -- too funny!


i think this is a great idea
and i like how you talk about using
balance while deciding what to do.

what i have started doing is
i'm finishing the knitted blanket
that i feel like i have been working
on forever,
but after i do so many rows
i let myself work on something newer
and quicker so i am still
getting the instant(er) gratification
while still getting some done
on the "big" project...

thanks for the inspiration!


balance is definitely the key, thank you for saying so. Enjoying what you do is the whole point. Love those towels!!!


I know the Sunbonnet Sue's week too


Oh, these are too adorable!

Elizabeth Quigley

Oh my goodness. I just bought off e bay a complete st of these poodle dish twels. I have a poodle so I could turn then down. I would love to buy the patterns. Where can I find them. I love your blog. Stop by the cottage soemtimes and seewhat I am doing.

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