Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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This is so, so lovely. Your blog has me feeling so inspired that I'm itching to start a new project.


I want one too! Laying them out on the floor just isn't working for me. I need to find a space.

me: I'm so with you on that! The days of bending low and endlessly moving scraps around on the floor are over for me I'm afraid.


I love my design wall. I am so used to it I don't think I could finish a quilt without one!


I love your Sue. She has always been one of my favorites. I recently bought a vintage children's book that is about Sue and Sam. I wonder which came first, the book or the quilts? I have also started collecting Raggedy Ann books (nothing like a tangent!) but I knew if anybody knew and loved these things as well it would be you!!


Il like very much this sunbonnet sue... very pretty... I have four books :
1 - The Sunbonnet Sue primer - leisure arts
RedworkEmbroidery from Vintage Artwork,
2 - Sunonnet Sue all through the year, Sue Linker,
3 - Bonnet girls - patterns of th past Helen R.Scott,
4 - Ladies'Day out, with the bonnet girls, Helen R.Scott.


Did you see my post about Pattern Bee yesterday? :)



Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I have wanted a design wall since setting up my craft room but there were no walls left (or so I thought). You found a wall for me that I didn't even realize was there. I can't wait for DH to come home from work so I can show him your idea! I will probably have to wait a week or two until he has a free weekend to help me but at least I can now dream about how I can hang and rearange my items and not have animal hair all over them from my floor. I have six (helpers) that LOVE to spend time with me when I'm sewing or crocheting or even on the cumputer.

Ps. I wrote a quick note to you under 'Tiny treasures' about plastic canvas and doll furniture. Did you get a chance to see it and think about it?




it's the second that i spend the whole morning reading your blog...

i love the fantastic pictures, interessting themes and your great sewing projekts (bags etc.)

love your website ;)



Vicki, I am always amazed at your creative, interesting, yet so simple ideas. Thank you !! Stay cool. I am melting too. Clarice


I want, no NEED--a design wall. I'm going to go look behind all my doors right now. :)


I don't know how I managed to put a quilt together in the days before my design wall. I love it. Of course, yours is much neater than mine. I sometimes have two layers of quilts pinned on top of each other as I can't wait to start a new one before I've finished the first : )

I love the look of your blog! Very inspiring.

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