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lovely idea...the simple message speaks of a grand adventure...nice work


Those are so very nice Vicki! I'm sure the recipients will be so happy.


Just beautiful! But then again, I wouldn't have expected anything less than wonderful from you. Did you backstitch, or chain stitch, or what? It looks great.

me: thanks so much! actually, it's called an outline or stem stitch.


They are simply gorgeous!


Brilliant. I love them. You are amazing. They are gorgeous.


Thanks Vicki! They're too pretty to raffle away. :o) I love them.


Oh, so nice. I am loving the colors, and the trick you did with the font. How cool :)


They're so lovely, and the embroidery really sets them off. What an easy technique with the fonts.


good work! excellent.....


These are beautiful! What a wonderful idea!


Vicki, we have so much in common. I am thrilled to meet another unschooler !!
Love the pillow and how generous of you !!


They are so pretty!

tongue in cheek

the thread of multi color blue, the weave of the sky , connecting us to dreams ...clever you!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Oh sweetie ! it's soooo beautiful ! I love them so much ! Smooches :)

Pam Kellogg

Vicki, why do I just love every thing you make?


What a great idea, and perfectly fitting phrases, too.
I've embroidered names on baby shirts before by drawing onto the fabric with one of those plastic rulers with the letter stencils on them. I might have to try your method next time for a more interesting font.


These are really pretty and I like your embroidery. Thank you for the info on how you accomplished it and for the link to the pen.


Awesome embroidery. Such a nice job!


these are just beautiful! What a lovely contribution.


really lovely, vicki! what a wonderful gift. and i am in love with those pens, i've been using them on everything.

we are seriously considering homeschooling/unschooling after preschool. i've been thinking about for a few years now, and bloggers like you are very inspiring. :-)

me: it's been pure joy for us!


That's a clever idea for the embroidery. And they are certain to be a success!

Dacia Ray

Those look fantastic. The stitchwork on them really completes the look.


I *love* the embroidery.

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