Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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That's a perfectly adorable smock for a perfectly adorable girl. Your daughter is so beautiful!


This garden smock is adorable...everything about it, but I especially like the eyelet trim. Your sweet garden helper looks adorable too! Maybe you could find a gardening friend or neighbor who would help you dig up the roses in exchange for getting to keep them? Course if they were neighbors, I guess they have deer dropping by for dessert too!

me: actually most of my neighbors have very tall and electrified fences around their yards. i'd rather adjust my "offerings" than resort to creating a compound and shutting the wildlife out. i'm sure i can find a few friends in town though that might like the roses, that way i can still visit them!


LOL! In the time it took me to write my comment Isabelle posted her remarks....both really are adorable Vicki!


I Keep reading your weblog and I keep loving it!




The smock is adorable. Do you have a pattern? I have three daughters and would love to make smocks for them. thank you

me: yes, it's made from a really old pattern from 1972; simplicity #5272.


Oh that smock is wonderful! I wouldn't want it ever to get dirty! Maybe I would use it just as a 'lets go around and see how things are growing' type of smock, haha.

Happy Mother's Day freind!! xo.


I love your blog more everyday. What a great quote..what a great pillow idea!


Your daughter is adorable! such a sweet beauty....she really really looks like that Mary Engelbreicht illustration! astounding!


i don't know how i managed to miss
THREE posts!

but i love the flowered smock
and i absolutely adore the tan one
on the other post...that is the kind
of thing i want someday...so easy breezy looking...

i love coming to your site for inspiration!


Sweet little smock! I was just looking around for an appropriate pattern to make myself a gardening smock of some sort ..in a nice floral. I know what I am looking for..now to find it.
Happy Mother's Day, ~vicki!


Adorable photos (that watering can looks almost big enough for her to climb in - ala' Peter Rabbit!). What a pretty garden smock.
Remember the book/movie/tv show "Please don't eat the daisies"? That's what your deer tale made me think of - Maybe you could put up a sign "Please don't eat the roses!" :>)
Have a happy Mother's Day, Vicki!

Alicia A.

This little life of yours is just like a picture book...


That's a beautiful smock, probably the prettiest of all I have seen around the blogs lately - perfect for a wee girl. I might be a copycat and sew a couple for my own girls.


This is so precious, did you use a pattern? And shes a doll too!


I love your smock, very spring like. Clarice


I would also love to know specific on any pattern you used (or not). That smock is darling, so is your model, I love her blue crocs, my daughter has purple ones she wore all last summer.


Very pretty. Pink gingham is one of my most favorite kinds of fabric.

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