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Beautiful! Do you use a hoop when you do your hand-quilting? I've wanted to try hand quilting but I don't see how you hold it all together while you're working...


What a lovely quilt!!!


Don't worry yourself so about responding to comments Vicki. We all understand. It is already so time consuming to keep a blog, let alone respond to all the comments. One big thank you every once in awhile feels just as nice!
Beautiful quilt and so sorry for your scare! I'm glad all is o.k. my friend.



The quilt is beautiful and will be just the thing to remind one of love, and lovely things, and comfort.


Dear Vicki, This is just so lovely. As a non-quilter and non-sewer, this is a big push to dive into the bottom of my closet and pull out a mini-quilt I start so long ago that I don't remember WHEN I actually started it. Enjoy your zen moment. After the scare from yesterday you certainly desire it.


I've got stacks and stacks of that fabric staring at me as I go to bed each night. No, not put together in a beautiful quilt like yours, but just stacks of fabric... so I can tell you that it's designed by Robyn Pandolph, and I think it's her Hannah Bella line. Maybe someday, I'll be able to open my eyes in the morning and see it as a quilt, too...


This is beautiful and amazing and wonderful and lovely and, and, and...well you know what I mean. Thank you so much for sharing this.


That picture is fine! I agree I find it hard to photograph quilts, but I like how your pics bring out the shawdows of the stiches...I also like your 'round' label! I really like your style...

It so Beautiful!! I just love the colors and patterns. I try to sign and date my quilts too, but sometimes I'm in so much of a hurry to finish the actual quilt that I don't have time to sign. You are right, I will sign and date from now on. :) Glad you are feeling better!


What a beautiful quilt! It's so cozy and calm looking...and the prints and colors are so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it! You've certainly inspired me to take out my piles of fabric for that first quilt I've been meaning to start for ages now. :) As a pre-novice quilter, I was wondering what kind of batting you use and as Sarah asked, how do you keep it together when you hand quilt?

me: Because this quilt was small, I just hand-basted the three layers together around the edges. Then I used a quilting hoop starting in the middle, and eventually just did the rest of the quilting without it. Always start in the center and work out toward the edges, smoothing as you go.
Allow enough overhang of batting and backing fabric to take up any slack that occurs. I used a natural cotton batting for this which I find very easy to work with. For tied quilts though, always use polyester because the cotton will ball up over time if it's not quilted flat.


Like everyone else has said, this quilt is beautiful! It had never occured to me that one should label their handmade pieces though it makes perfect sense. I wouldn't dream of leaving my artwork unsigned..why not my other crafty bits. Someday I hope to piece together a quilt as lovely as this one. :)


Oh so pretty! I love how you add your initials and date. I wish my grandmother did that to her quilts. What a talent you have. The only "quilt" I have ever done is one, yes ONE, square! Wow. Beautiful.


Lovely, lovely quilt, Vicki. I haven't added the date etc., to mine thus far, but now I feel I must! I can never take nice quilt photos either, tho' this one looks pretty good to me.

Jessica Hood

This is gorgeous!


Vicki, it is beautiful !! I really like the fabric. But I have to tell you my favorite part is the little signature thingy on the back. I just love that. I am strange. Clarice


Very nice quilt!

Tongue in Cheek

Everything you touch is better for it!


Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I think lavender in next in my project list!


this lavender quilt is very sweet ! Congratulations


Love the quilting inside and outside the patches -- so old fashioned and wonderful!


I love to buy the charm packets of squares. I just bought 3 this week or wonderful little plaids, solids and strips in peachy, green, creams.
What's the lavender quilt's fate? Is it for playing dolls or a gift?


Oh, your quilt is delightful! The colours are exquisite. I love the way you signed it as well.
I thought it was much bigger! But that "doll-size" as you call it, is really charming as it is.

I would have just quilted in the ditch with my sewing machine, but your quilting, accenting each square, makes the quilt look so much more interesting and "quilty". You are right, I'll have to tackle hand-quilting next time I make a quilt.

I always love receiving a response from you Vicki - thank you so much! It makes me doubly happy and grateful for your blog. But I know this must be very time-consuming for you; and I must confess I hardly ever do so with my own blog readers - except when someone asks a specific question... (well for a start, Blogger doesn't tell me their email address).

I was so sorry to read about your near-accident yesterday - how scary!
But I hope you'll have a lovely, zen weekend :)


It is simply DELICIOUS! Your lavender quilt is gourgeous and lovely!!! It just makes us want to wrap on it on a cold end of a summer day!!!



The quilt is just lovely!


That is a beautiful, beautiful quilt Vicki. I am so in love with charm quilts, this may be one of my next projects. And the size of yours is perfect!


LOVE this quilt! I think the photo you took is pretty darn good too! Thankyou for the info about signing the quilt. Why didn't I know about that?


What a BEAUTIFUL quilt!!

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