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That is a wonderful project... I love the happy colours and the design!


I have quilt tops waiting to be made into quilts for my three children that I started 4 years ago ... if yours has been waiting 10, I don't feel so bad!


Wow! I can't believe you sat on this for so long. It's a work of art!


Double wow. No matter it is procrastinated - it is great.


It's beautiful. I love that it's not too matchy-matchy...


It is gorgeous, enjoy finishing it.


Love the 'great-grandma minty green'! I could live with a return of mauve or dusty rose - But please - just say no to avocado or harvest gold appliances!


Good for you,finishing
UFO'S, your so inspiring!!! Im the queen of unfinished projects!


I love this quilt, flowerpots, colours,
Un grand bravo !!!


Absolutely beautiful! All that work on those flowerpots. It will be fabulous when its done!


This has such a nice 30's vintage look to it Vicki! I know green isn't one of your favorite colors, but this particular old fashioned shade is perfect for this quilt so I'm glad you chose it. Love it!


Oh, I love it! Those flower pots and colours have such a lovely vintage feel.


The green looks fabulous! I would be embarrased to admit how many projects I have that are that old, waiting to be finished. Good for you!


This quilt is going to be a stunner when it's finished!
BTW, I've read that the 30s green you've been hunting for was actually referred to as 'that green' in its day. You know it when you see it.


I love your Flower Pots. I found a vintage top done with the same pattern and decided to re-applique the pots & flowers as the original background fabric is of very poor quality. The 30's era fabric is pristine. I'm so glad I found your sight and saw your beautiful work. I have a book, "Worth Doing Twice by authors Patricia J. Morris and Jeannette T. Muir and the same Flower Pot pattern is a quilt featured in their book.

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