Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Your smock is gorgeous. Love the ruffles and fabric flower.


LOVE it!


that is AMAZING!!! i wish i understood how to create clothes. they never fit!

Alicia A.

Very pretty! Is this for Tie One On?

(I just bought some linen for mine yesterday!)


Very sweet! I can just picture you out in the garden with it on.

me: oh yes, i'm wearing it now!


Lovely, it has a real vintage look about it!


That is great. What will you use it for?

me: garden parties, of coarse!


Oh, that is my favourite of the ones I have seen so far. Who wouldn't want to garden if they get to wear a smock like that? I'm amazed how you just whip-up these things.


How beautiful! I love it!


this is so lovely. it looks like it drapes nicely, too.

Dear Turkey Feathers,
First of all....cute cutiness - love the posie!
Second of all - I am a blogging 'lurker' and very much enjoy your blog. I have looked thru all your old posts and now I am frustrated. I thought it was you that had talked about and shown a little hand held crochet device....where there are 4 pegs on top and then yarn is wrapped and 'crocheted' around these pegs and a crochetd (or knitted) rope comes down thru the center. But alas, I cannot find anything on your blog. By chance do you know where I may find information on this illusive device? Or do you even know what I am talking about? Mercy, me! I believe it is orginally from Norway and the name begins with sch??? If any blogging friends know and would post a comment I would be thrilled.
A crafty grandma who wants recently aquired such tools on ebay and now wants to learn more to share with granddaughters.


Love, love, love the smock!


Just lovely - beautiful *and* easy to wear! I am so inspired with what y'all are doing with linen and vintage fabrics. Gotta get cutting...


Hi Vicki, I was out gardening almost all weekend and keep thinking that I wanted some kind of 'smocky' apron for gardening. The skirt type ones I have didn't seem right. This is perfect! Tell me if you decide to make some to sell. k?


Oh my goodness, I love this one! Is it going to be for sale? It is absolutely lovely.


One of my favorite color combinations is beige and lavender!


I love the 'violet buttercup' trim on this! Also, I really like the the skinny straps - much cooler for summer than a regular sleeveless smock. Very clever!


LOVE the smock ! Awesome job and the flower is the perfect touch !


I love your LOVE your pinny. It is beautiful. You have inspired me again !!!
Thank you Clarice


So beautiful and breezy -- wearing that smock is the motivation I need for weeding my jungle.


I really love this Vicki!! Seeing all these smocks around means I'm gonna need to make one too!! I never new they could be so cute.


I love this so much! So feminine and pretty! I so wish I knew how you did this. I'd love to make something like it, shape-wise.


lovely lovely!!

Tanya Nichols

Love your smocked tops!! Pattern # please hehe..

me: sorry, i didn't use a pattern on either of them.


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