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I've always wanted to make a dollhouse too but I never got around to it. I love the idea of decorating and adding all the special touches to make it seem lived in. You've done a lovely job on yours.


I keep having to comment on all these wonderful things in your house! I always wanted a dollhouse too. Do you think it is too late? I don't think it's too late. There's nothing weird about a grown woman making herself a dollhouse. Is there. Is there?

me: well, i certainly hope not! afterall...i secretly made this one for myself and just let the girls play with it for now...he hee


this post made me
all shivery and excited
and wanting a dollhouse of my own!
i'm going to make my husband make me one.
thats it.
i'm resolved.

yours is absolutely charmingly beautiful
by the way


Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Oooo! I can't stop oo-ing and ah-ing over these photos - this is adorable! I love all the little personal touches you've added, Vicki. I've been sneaking peeks at Jenny's dollhouse, too. You've both about convinced me, I need to make one for mysel, ahem, I mean my grandgirls :>)


Oh its beautiful - I LOVE the little birdcage!!!


Oh, I can't wait to see what you and sweet Grace have made! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your dollhouse...it's magical!


I just love doll houses. Well I love house and little things. So you put them together and it is just magical. We have 2 doll house, which we need to add fun things like wallpaper, ect. I will show my girls yours. Clarice


..this is enough to make a girl want to build a house of her own...well...for the granddaughters..of course.


Um...... This is just way to adorable!!! And & extra thank-you for the adorable lambkin pattern!


I have two dollshouses to do up. Both came from the charity shops. I just couldn't resist the second one.

I love just love. They remind me of my childhood.


What a beautiful dolls house!

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