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I am so much looking forward to a garden again! We are moving back to Michigan in June, and reading your posts about peonies and roses and enchanted gardens makes me all achy with longing!


Hello, I was sent you my order from another email address. but it is block and errow to send email. Please reply to me. and I want to order patterns. I am sorry from this place. I always visit your blog and your shop! Thank you.


Yeah for Victoria magazine !!! Will they ever make another magazine like Victora !!!


What a cutie in the garden! That rose looks like something out of a sci fi movie! I love that peony!


How can this garden not grow enchanted with such a helper as this! I understand your feelings about your rose bush. You should see my Cecil Brunner rose. It is huge...after 2 years in a row of cutting back on it. I think I will have to be drastic with it. It's so beautiful when it blooms though. Hundreds of tiny pale pink roses!

me: I planted that exact variety at my old house; trained it up a trellis, and it was so dear to me! Yes, a bit more of a challenge to manage than the usual rose bush, but so worth it for all those quaint tiny pink buds. It made me so sad to leave it behind. If the deer weren't such a problem I'd have roses climbing everywhere!


lookin good! My husband's aunt is coming to town for a week to "help Me" since that is not an achievable goal, I'm going to put her to work landscaping my yard and hauling materials (she is only eight years older than me (twenty two years younger than my mother in law)her garden is always awesom and I need some help!! and some sun. Come back sun


I loved Victoria, too! I still can't imagine why they stopped publishing it. I still have my copies but they are all cut up from gathering pictures for collage. It was such a fabulous magazine for collage!!


I'll be back tomorrow for more peony shots. I swear I can smell its sweetness from here!


Oh, it would be fun to be tagged.


I love the idea of an enchanted garden! I have had a small butterfly/hummingbird garden. This year I am expanding it to include a small flagstone patio. I have an old log which I will make into a fairy dwelling and it will be an enchanted area. Thanks for the daily inspiration you provide.


ahhhh..i also have all of my victoria
back issues and would never part
with them...
that was a good magazine.

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