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Your Grace sounds like my oldest dd! Maybe I should subscribe and hope it inspires someone else around here as she's been married and gone almost five years now. Way to go Grace!!


Hi, there!
My mom reads your blog and told me about it. And now I can see why! Very sweet and has a good feel.

Also, I'm surprised about the Kids magazine (MS). I liked it while it was having it's rather short run. Oh, well.

Love your bag, by the way!


Peonies are so beautiful and so many colors and varieties. My Mother had an orange one that was just stunning. Like you, we checked on it every day until it bloomed.


I love Food magazine! (not as much as Cook's, but it is pretty good.) It is sort of like Martha watered down. Not as fancy as some of her other recipes, more everyday sort of stuff. but it is a great magazine. I still miss Kids though. I thought maybe they were going to keep up with that Good Things magazine. We shall have to see...


Lovely bloom...Our peonies are in the burgundy shoots stage. It'll be awhile before we have anything to photograph..

me: this one is actually a tree peony (shrub) and blooms earlier than the herbaeceous varieties.


Oh my goodness! I don't even have children and I've bought about every issue of Kids off of the rack - I'm so sad to hear it is done with :(


We are all in mourning in our house (you should see us in our black ;-) over the loss of Kid's. We loved that mag and there really is not another good one to replace it !! Clarice


It's funny that you should mention this...I got wind that MS Kids would be ceasing, and so I went into a sort of panic and started buying back issues on ebay! What is so funny about this is that I think I only bought one issue the whole time they were in publication!! Crazy girl. Now, I have a small stack that satisfies me very much :)

The Food mag. sounds like it will work out just fine! I actually really like that magazine. Not that I need to learn how to do the basics in the kitchen, but they offer ideas and recipes that are very basic and simple. Thats how I love to cook, and I always run out of ideas!! This comment is way to long...sheesh.


wow, i love this blog! just watched MS on a morning show and she was featuring the food magazine. i did not know there was a show on PBS to support it. unfortunate about KIDS...i'm glad i saved the back issues. do you sell/trade your bags?


AWESOME photo. Thank you. I wish it were tucked in my hair and I was wearing a sundress on a sunny beach, walking barefoot.
And I am kind of sad Kids is done. I liked glancing through it for basic craft ideas. Bummer!

Pam Kellogg

Lovely photos as always Vicki. A visit to your blog is always the nicest way to start my day! Would love to reach into the monitor and try one of Grace's bar cookies! They look yummy!


What a gorgeous peony! Is it a regular peony or a tree peony? I bought one with no name from WalMart that took 3 or 4 years to bloom, but it is so worth the wait. Yours looks similar.

I remember reading about that Poet's Garden place in Victoria. How interesting that you got to go!


Congrats on the peony! What a blessing.


My six year old daughter is obsessed with the Everyday Food magazine. She takes stacks of them up to her room to read and then comes down with lists and menu ideas. It's great. We will have to try those shortbread bars.

We are really going to miss MS Kids! :(


Even though I only bought an issue here and there off the stands, I'm sad that MS Kids has gone to the Big Magazine Rack in the Sky. I must say, if it's replacement inspired others in my house to start cooking for me, too, it would definitely relieve my sorrow :>) Those shortbread bars look delicious!
The peony is lovely! I can't wait to see how the Enchanted Garden corner is shaping up.

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