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The bag is so soft looking. Very nice.
I am considering the challenge for April. It would be good to clear out the excess.
Happy weekend!


It's beautiful! And such an inspiring challenge.


Great idea for the month of April. I just came back from the yarn store's anniversary sale and am sure I can use what I have in stash until the big Sheep and Wool festival in May. I'm not sure 'bookending' April with purchases is really the idea of the month but a challenge like this is always easier for me if I can look ahead to a prize ;-)


Oh Wow! I love that bag - absolutely beautiful. And good luck with the challenge. :)


I love the bag, especially the great "saw tooth" effect of the rick-rack in the top seam! I really must start looking for some rick-rack to use in my own projects, it adds that little extra that just lifts the project out of the ordinary. - Not that any of your things are "ordinary" - you have an eye for colour, and your own special way of putting things together that just keep me coming back to see more!
The idea of using what you have is something a lot of us could do with trying. I'm sure I could keep myself occupied for the rest of my life with what I have in my stash already, and yet there is alway that extra piece of fabric, button or trim that calls my name! It doesn't help to have two friends who run the local quilt shop LOL!


That bag is wonderful!
I think I'm going to participate in the April challenge too...

me: It's great to see so many crafters getting into this!!


Everything you make would fit so well into my imaginary perfect world...you know, in my perfect world-- I would wear clothes like this....and in my perfect world my house would look like this....and in my perfect world I would have a bag like one of yours.....it's so fun!


I'm definately going to participate in the challenge. This month a friend asked me to help her with a sewing project. I told her just to bring the pattern and we'd go through my stash together to put it together. It wasn't until I saw that stash through another person's eyes that I realized what a treasure trove/embarassment of riches I have. Yes, im in.

me: now this is a brilliant idea...one woman's "stash" is another woman's treasure!


Hi! I gathered some rickrack for you today!! I'll go again after my trip the aisle with the box had furniture in the way! But, I think you'll enjoy what I have for you! Send me a quick email with your mailing address?

OOOH love the bag, BTW. :>


That new tote of yours is so nice..the colors are so peaceful, I love it! I can't believe how fast you have been at turning new things out!! Speedy is what you are!

So nice of you to mention 'use what you have'. That topic seems to have struck a chord!


I agree with Toni, seems like the bags are spilling out over here. This one is my favorite so far, I love the fabric, the soft colors, and the yo-yo flower. Nice work.


I LOVE that bag! You are very clever.


Thanks for the "use what you have" idea or should I say reminder... In order to justify another purchase I usually do a few "use what you" have projects. I recently made up a bunch of cradle quilts to have on hand. The robin's egg rick rack is a good color, where did you get it? Do you want some fuzzy red rick rack?

me: sure, but i'm not sure what i'd do with it...see how i am? no wonder i have sooooo much plunder!!


What a lovely bag! The rick-rack and yo-yo "make it". You really have been productive lately.

me: you know the old saying: strike while the iron is hot...i guess i'm on a roll this week!


Oh that bag is so pretty!I love ,love, love the fabric!


I love that bag.
I recently organized my many stashes of yarn, fabric, paper and thought that I should use all this up before I buy another thing. After reading this I have decided I'm going to take the challenge.
Just one trip to the store for some thread and I promise I'll stop.....just thread...really...that's all.....


Man-oh-man is that bag gorgeous! Love its subtlety with the surprise of the back.


Oh my gosh Vicki! Do you have some sort of magic wand hidden among your stash?! I just admire you so much for everything you do and with such style and good humor :) I've gotten behind on my blog visits and commenting but I love all your latest bags and creations!


I really, really, reall like this bag; simple, gorgeous pale colors, lovely flower bob...perfect!


Ohhh, this is lovely, such soft dreamy colors and details!


stumbled across your site last week,i love your bag it's great' I have not had my sewing kit out for about a month now,you have inspired me to dust it off.

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