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There seems to be sick babbas all over the place!Hope she is feeling better soon.Those Squeeks are so cute!


I love these little mice. They are so cute.

Tongue in Cheek

Hehehee or should I say squeek squeek...when my husband saw me stuff the little bag with treasures, he asked me what I was doing...after which he said, "We want a mouse?"
"Of course we do!" I squeeked.
He didn't know they were fake, and i didn't have the heart to tell him! ;o

Gina L

What a cheery spot to help make a little girl or a big girl feel better!
I would like to have the light blue w/ pink flower mouse with the light blue bow. Too cute.

me: Okey dokey...she's all yours!


i wanna room like that
and a little tinkly bell
when i'm sick...

glad she is feeling better
and the little mice are so sweet...


Uggghhh...just when I told myself no more spending for a while!!! Those are darling, and I can smell them from here..ahhh. Ginger's spot is VERY cosy! Did she really have a bell to ring you? haha. What a mom! I miss the flowering trees, so beautiful.

me: oh yes indeed, there is a bell, given with instructions to ring "in case of emergency", as in: "help I'm going to throw-up". But her idea of emergency and mine are not the same and my poor old tired legs will attest to that after having made many trips up and down the stairs, to help find a green crayon that rolled under the bed, clear dishes, fetch ice...etc. At least it kept her mind off her misery for awhile. When she's well, I get to ring it!


Vicki, I've been lurking and admiring everything on this site for a while but now I have to post. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my towels....I don't feel worthy!
Thanks for adding them and for making this such a beautiful place to visit.


Oh, my! The Squeaks are adorable!!! And the bags... I definitely have to have one!!!!

Hope Miss Ginger is feeling better. :0)


Thanks for an inspiring site, I too want to be sick at your house. Sigh. Hope all are well soon. My husband grew up with a little bell to rung when he was sick. My daughter tried that ONCE before I went bonkers and felt like Alice from the Brady Bunch.
I took a tour of your play house, very nice. It may inspire me to build a tree house this summer.
Come visit my mermaid dolls and a couple of my hand bags.


I hope Ginger will be better soon and that you will be able to get some rest. The photo that Grace took is beautiful and truly evokes this strange transition to Spring we are experiencing. The Squeeks are sweet little creatures(perfect for tucking into Easter baskets) and the beautiful towels just say "Springtime" to me. This felt like such a cozy post today!


How absolutely adorable. You can tell they took a long time. They are so sweet!


I think we could all do with the odd day in bed...wasn't that why those trays were invented! Lovely mice.

lauren Mumford

I thought the flowers on the trees were gorgeous enough but with snow on top? Breathtaking. It seems to me exactly what spring SHOULD look like-- brilliant spots of color peeking through the frost and ice. Lovely photo Grace, thanks for taking it and sharing it also!
BTW, I just bought a squeek! Can't wait to see which one I get, they are all darling.



my daughter so wants some of those lights now...what a great idea!!

sandra lamb

Your Squeeks are adorable, I just love your blog. Where do you live that you are already showing spring flowers?

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