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Just yesterday I used one of your sunny weblog entries to express my desire for some sun. The weather does change quickly! The snow is pretty, though.

lauren Mumford

oooh, beautiful. I see Alicia got snow too, and when you said valley my thoughts went immediately to the Willamette Valley! Is that where you are? I grew up in Eugene! I miss Oregon so much sometimes, the beauty is incomparable. I'm now near Sacramento. Nice, but not Oregon!


Hello! Looks like the same kind of snow we are getting this year - a little dusting and then gone. Fun while it lasts though! I think your particular storm is headed my way now (south)...perfect crafting weather, I'd say.

lisa s

ok... the snow dog?? PRICELESS! made my morning!

i want to play in snow.....

Mrs. Staggs

Those are some pretty adorable snow creatures and the one who made them looks pretty cute too!


The snowy creatures are so great. That Ginger, she has style! Make that 2 cups of hot cocoa ;)

Tongue in Cheek

Oh gee, those little snow cuties make me want some snow!! How adorable they are!!


Your images are truly beautiful. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. We never get snow where I live and this weekend is going to be hot hot hot erghh!!

I think I'll just gaze at your gorgeous snow filled images and dream :)

Inspiring snow creatures too!!


it was fun while it lasted wasn't it?


I want snow too! How lovely.


How lucky of you! I dream with snow everytime but here (Algarve - Portugal) it never snows... :(

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