Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lovely ~ your bags are simply to die for!


I think it's a lovely bag and your daughter's reaction makes it even more special. She will be so happy to get it!


This bag is gorgeous.I love the embroidery. Ginger is a lucky girl!


There is no such thing as too precious. Your bags are so wonderful. Each of them tell their own story and it is so evident that they were created with thought and love.


I love that bird, and the bag, but also your whole post. You write in such a delightful way. And yes, your girls are very lucky to have you for their mother.


Thanks for checking out my blog! I haven't seen yours before, and I can tell it's going to have to be put onto my daily checklist! You've got wonderful stuff here, and I adore this bag!!!


Your bag is lovely! I'm one who also doesn't know when to stop - I get so carried away adding this and that. But I don't think this bag is too overboard. The reaction from your daughter says it all!


Wowy, wowy, wow, wow!!!:o) Love this bag!!!
Perfect Easter bag for your sweet girl! Wonderful story...


That was the cutest story..of course she MUST be the new owner! What a great idea of making it her easter basket. Most definitely a magic wand hiding around there somewhere... :)


All of the bags have been lovely..I like imagining the personalites of the different people they will find homes with. How lovely for you to be able to delight Ginger in such a way...pure happiness!


Wow! Seems your daughter and I share the same taste, I LOVE that bag too! :0)
You know, you could always "sell" that bag to the Easter Bunny...


As I scan my blogroll I go down to the T's and say "Yeah-Turkey Feathers!" I am so happy that you are a prolific blogger! I am always delighted by your posts....today is no exception!


Lovely story and lovely bag. And your bird is wonderful! :)


That bag is just gorgeous!! LOVE the bird embroidery...just beautiful. And the bird fabric bag the other day, is just great to. I love checking in here! I never know what surprises you'll have. I'm especially fond of following your "blanket project"...I think it's such a great idea. Thanks for all the inspiration.


sorry...meant to write "blanket statement"


Wow... your bag is beautiful and I love the bird. What a special Easter basket it will make.


My mother, the most UNcrafty person in the world, always gave us Easter baskets in somethng other than a basket---. Mini galvanized buckets, mugs, tote bags. It was very fun. I hope Ginger will think back fondly on her new birdie tote "basket". My daughter too has the middle name Rose and funny thing she often named her characters or animals "Rose" so some form there of...Rosie, Rosebud.


the bag is lovely and your post is beautiful! thank you for sharing such a precious moment.

sam lamb

Oh Vicki - I love the bag! The embroidery and fabrics are wonderful.


I don't think it is too much at all, but just right for the mix of fabrics, scale and texture. Lovely!

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