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Tongue in Cheek

the surpise is in the mail! Squeek!!


Sweet bag. I love rick-rack! I'm not sure where you live, but I buy vintage rick-rack at Knittn Kitten in NE Portland. http://www.knittnkitten.com/


love the polka dots!


I've been doing lots of looking lately, and it is hard to find nice, happy polka dots and stripes. I'd love to know if you find some sources.


I am loving rick-rack too these days--such a simple, sweet touch!


Oooooooh! I must have that bag! If its still available, email me the info on how I purchase it.

REPLY: It's all yours Jenny! T.Y.



Your bags are so gorgeous. There's something about the texture of the fabric too that is driving my crazy with delight.

Excellent work. A dishtowel!! Genius.


Here are my thoughts on this last little bag: !!!!! :)


If I get to capo's again anytime soon, I'll pack you off some rickrack. :>

me: you are such a dear sweet pal! T.Y.


Loving those dots. They look so great all stacked up.


I've had several visitors to a recent blog post I did about rickrack that mentioned this blog - so that's how I found you. But I know you already from Ebay. I purchased several patterns from you a couple of years ago. So, hello! Wanted to mention that I sell vintage buttons and trims on my website in addition to the pillows I make. I have two colors of vintage rickrack - medium blue and red - in a very tiny size - 1/4", I think. Lately I've been using lots of the jumbo size for tea towels so decided to sell off my tiny stuff. I have lots so would be open to trading, too.



I LOVE the dots, and would love to know who makes it. I would also be interested in trading. I mostly order wholesale, so I have quite a bit of spare yardage around (spare yardage would be about 150 bolts, LOL). Feel free to email me :)

me: DOT FABRICS by Sharon Yenter for In The Beginning called, "Forties Retro" 2004. Others from Deb Strain/Arrin Turnmire for moda called, "Be Mine"; and misc. JoAnn's Fabrics.

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