Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Miss Bliss is very chic!I think Chocolate bunny has a charm all of her own!Velveteen Rabbit awhh!


They both are wonderful, but I happen to just adore chocolate bunny with her pink polka dotted ears! Sooo cute!


Miss Bliss is perfect! Those eyes, the embroidered flower, all so precious!

Tongue in Cheek

Third time is just as charming, though i must admit I like the fattness or should I be polite and say roundness of her form!! I like my chocolate like that too!

Her eyes are sweet shaped!! Clever YOU!!


Nevermind, Vicki...you can make a mistake and it all still works! The newbies are sweet and I am thinking I need to make another for my 10yo granddaughter. I am enjoying the wee bunny gallery. Inspired to make more..


You are indeed right, the third time IS the charm. Your bunny is so lovely. Seeing everyone's bunnies is so inspiring. I may have to make an attempt this weekend.


Miss Bliss is very sweet, but I must confess that I absolutely ADORE the Chocolate Bunny! I am seriously coveting him. His face is sweet and I love the pink polka dots and the sweet blue ribbon & flowers around his neck. TOO CUTE!


oh my!! she is delightfully sweet!! woe is me...if only i could sew...


Very nicely done, Vicki! I love the eyes! :)


So darn cute!!! I *will* dust off the sewing machine this weekend. I will. I will. I will.


Oh the Bunny! Oh the buttons for the Bunny eyes. Love these!

sam lamb

I love chocolate bunny - his polka dot ears are divine. I'm so behind, I didn't even know about the wee bunnies...yours are just the inspiration I needed! Thanks!


I love chocolate bunny too! This is just one of those very happy mistakes. I, for one, am happy you missed that pattern piece the first few times!

Miss Bliss is, of course, very beautiful too... but there's something about Chocolate Bunny.... you must tell us what piece we should leave out ;0)


Miss Bliss is beautiful. She will add charm to any room.


Oh! this one is gorgeous, but I love the others too!


Very, very sweet bunnies! I especially love the embroidered flower on the belly.


ahhh...adorable, chubby Ms. Bliss! That's a funny story V.!!


Miss Bliss is adorable! I saw Hillary's pattern and have been meaning to try it out too. I had a little skiing accident, but I'm getting better every day. I better get working!


That is very funny, and it still turned out so cute. I'm sure Hillary would think it was hilarious and great!
I absolutely love all of your quilts! The flower pot quilt is amazing. After reading your posts, I realize that I have given away an unsigned quilt, so I need to make sure I sign them from now on, what a great inspiration. And you find such pretty ways to sign them too.
I'm really glad I discovered your blog, it is beautiful to look at and your work is gorgeous!

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