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I'm green with rick-rack envy! :)
What fun!

Tongue in Cheek

That is why I could never make anything, I liked how neat the packaging looked! I love to buy things and sale them, but use the laces, buttons, trims, beads...the first cut or use is impossible for me. I once bought a vintage wallpaper book, stacks and stacks of samples, wonderful romantic colors and design...I sold it because I couldn' use it other then to look at it ...I guess we each have our gift.


Lucky you! I was so disappointed to find the rick rack section of the notions department sold out except for the neon multi colored version. I'm having some rick rack withdrawls! I can remember my grandmother having lots of rick rack in her sewing stash, how I wish I had that now ;)


Vicki, I'm so glad everything arrived safely and that you love your purchases. And thanks for the free publicity - I've gotten a couple of orders already as a result. Yay! I was never sure how trims and buttons would sell on-line, but they seem to be doing just fine. And flea-market season will be starting up soon - who knows what I'll find next :)

If anyone is looking for new rickrack in pretty colors (unlike the poor choices at Joann), may I suggest Elegant Stitches (www.elegantstitches.com/RickRack.htm). I bought some recently for tea towels I've been making and was really happy with the choices and service. I still wish they made it in more colors, but I'll take what I can get :)


I have what is possibly a silly question. I recently found a garbage bag full of rick-rack, vintage lace and bias tape at a local thrift store. My question is, what do you do with bias tape? I have no idea and more of the stuff than I could ever possibly use!

me: oh you lucky duck! i'm sure many of us dream of finding such a bag at thrift like that! a garbage bag full is quite a lot too, but here are some suggestions for the bias tape. it's mostly used for finishing off the edges on things like aprons, potholders, quilts. you can make piping from wider tapes, and use it for pillows and edging on clothing necklines, cuffs, pockets. it also makes great ties for things when folded in half and stitched. baby bibs may also call for it.

anyone else have suggestions?


I too love old rick rack, and I just (reluctantly) opened a few packages this past weekend (some of these were 10 cents!). It made me feel better when I saw the cute ideas that most had printed INSIDE the labels - how to embellish a shirt, make gift tea towels, one even had an apron pattern on it!

Thanks for sharing your prizes.


These pics take me way back to my childhood and peering into my mother's and grandmother's sewing stuff. It would be very difficult for me to open the packaging and actually use the contents too. :D


What a wonderful treasure of trimmings! I know, what is it about rick-rack that is so darned charming? Just looking at it makes me happy :)


I love rick-rack, too! And, yes, the older colors and sizes are much more appealing. I agree w/ tongue and cheek--it's so hard to actually open the package and USE the trims. Carded buttons are the hardest for me to part with. Have fun with the trims!


I love old rick rack too! I only have a few packages. Our thrift stores in Hawaii have pretty slim pickings. I haven't used any yet - I can't bear to open them!


I am with you on the rick rack love, I just received 50 packages of vintage rick rack today! Trimtex, Tidy-Trim, Wrights...but no loop braid as I see in your picture, that looks like fun stuff!

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