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What a cheerful post! Thanks, I needed that!!


how wonderful! I love daffodils and tulips and spring!


I can almost hear the birds and feel that warm sunsine. Lovely!

Tongue in Cheek

So pretty! What cheer they give!


Our daffodils are just barely poking their heads out of the ground, I can't wait for them to officially make their appearance!


Oh I'm jealous, jealous, jealous!


i so want spring too...
or even a semblance of it

the only green here
is my envy,


Oh, pretty! I just went outside to check, and ours are blooming too. :)

By the way, that felt horse? That I thought looked so easy? HA HA HA! I had a terrible time getting it good and stuffed without having the legs splay wide apart. And then, also, I had trouble getting all the legs to touch the ground. Actually one is up high like a dog taking a pee. It's so funny, I'm going to take a picture of it and post it on my blog, but not until after I've made one that looks like it's supposed to. So, any tips?

REPLY: I'm posting TIPS here in case anyone else has a naughty horse that insists on behaving like a dog.

You can take a few stitches on the underside to correct the leg placement. Position the legs, then tack them together where they join underneath.

I used a blunted bamboo skewer to stuff the tiny parts firmly. Then I also had the idea of using Q-tips, bent in half and inserted into the legs to make them sturdier, but my horse didn't seem to need the support after I tacked the legs, so I never tried it. The idea still intrigues me though and I may try it some time to see what happens.


What a pretty picture!!! Can't wait for spring!

lauren Mumford

So cheery! Thanks for a spring boost in the morning!


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