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I love that ladybug's view!

Tongue in Cheek

it is nice to get outside and take in the array of spring colors and breath in the scented air!

paula luckhurst

Amazing beauty!


wow breathtaking pictures!! Waiting for the sun to travel north so some of my flowers start to bloom


wow a thounder shower i can wait till we get thous agine!!


I am so envious of your garden! I keep trying to tell myself just be patient -- someday when my youngest is as old as my oldest, I too may have spring flowers. What I am dreaming of: lily of the valley. Someday.


It will be fun to see how your garden "grows" Vicki. We have beautiful tulip fields about an hour away from us and I love to spend a day visiting them...seeing as how the squirrels eat all of my tulips! My husband and I went on a hot-air balloon adventure a few years ago and it was a very gentle ride and of course the view was lovely. I do remember feeling a tiny bit worried when it was time to land...it was a little bumpy!


we're headed to the tulip fest today! (in the rain)




I love you beautiful flowers! Tulips and such are not tropical and something I miss so much about the seasons changing.


Absolutely lovely photos! I am in love with Spring too.


Wonderful photos - makes me want to get off the computer & go outside!

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