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i love it! especially with the blue chair. yo-yo's are so much fun.


What a cheery pillow! I love yo-yos! Yay for the empty drawer and a great pillow to boot!


What a pretty cushion. I used to have a clown with a yo-yo body when I was younger. I think it was made by mum.

Craftapalooza has made a tape measure cover using a yo-yo.

gina L

Oh what great colors, I know spring has to be around the coner.
And I had to laugh as you were giving the unfinished craft material a voice. I should listen to mine too, as they are screaming the same thing...LOL

GINA: You know cabin fever has set in when your crafts start talking back!!


I was recently cleaning out a closet and I found a box with a baggie of yo-yo's in it! I don't think I have enough of them to make a pillow but you have inspired me to get them out and make something! I will try the yo-yo website--THANKS!


Oh, what a blast from the past! I made a yo-yo sofa pillow many years ago. It basically shredded and went to the rag bucket, but it was a fun thing to create. Love the bright colors of yours.


Oh Vicki...I have a stack of those all cut...somewhere in my stash of stuff. I'll have to find them and do a pillow top or two.
Your pillow is so colorful and bright. A perfect pick-me-up for this time of year.


"behold..the yo-yo!" haha, you're so funny :)
I should try some yo-yo's one day.


it's beautiful! i love the colours...definitely putting it on my list of "gotta learns"!

Kristin (Sew Mama)

I love the pillow! Thanks so much for the link. I have been looking for a pattern for yo yo dolls... http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=9 Just knowing how to make the yo yos is a good start. Grandma had a yo yo quilt that I remember being enchanted by as a child.

Kristen (Thoughts from the Bus Stop)

That's such a pretty cushion!

I've never heard of them called 'yo-yo's' - to me they've always been 'Suffolk Puffs'. I love how things have different names in different parts of the world. I've seen them used to create a flat fabric, and also used to have a clown made of Puffs all strung together - he fascinated me because he was made of hundreds of different fabrics!

Here's a dragon made the same way:


Have linked to you, hope that's OK!


WOW, I love your pillow, it's brill! I'm gunna make me some of those, they are too cool!!


I'm always gazing at vintage yo-yo quilts on Ebay...I love you pillow!


I love yo-yo's. I have an actual yo-yo pattern/template that belonged to my great-grandmother. I believe it was published by Family Circle. I started a quilt a while back, but it is still an UFO.


I am so glad you posted this. I saw a yo-yo quilt this weekend and planned to look online for instructions to make them. By the time I got home I forgot. Thanks for not only the reminder but the instructions as well! Now I'm off to try my hand at yo-yo making.


We always called them rosebuds. I have a rosebud (yo-yo!) full size quilt and pillow sham made by my grandmother. She could look at it and tell me - "Oh, that was from a dress I made for so-and-so's wedding, that is from a pretty apron I had, that was from a table cloth that got ruined ..." she made it in 12 inch blocks, and then splurged and bought 2 yards of a blue fabric to made all the edges, etc. It's one of my most cherished possesions.

Someday (someday!) I plan to do the same, perhaps for my daughter. When my mother died, I saved as much of her cotton clothing as I could, and some cotton pieces that my kids have outgrown too. Hopefully, once day, I'll sit down and make a quilt that tells a story too.

Thanks for the reminder!


I referrred to your Yo-Yo post on www.QuiltersBuzz.com Thanks for being a great resource and for the great photos and tips. I linked to you as well.
It will post on 7/14/06
Thanks Gina

Jenny Krauss

Kinderware makes the cutest yoyo dolls in different animals. Check out www.kinderwareonline.com to see them.

Jean Butler

I LOVE your yoyo pillow...do you glue the yoyo's on the fabric??? Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!


oh that is just TOOOO cute!!! I think you should host a yo yo swap! That would be sooo fun! Get 20 yo yo's from 10 people or something? Aw, who knows... the wheels are turning! Of course, I don't know if I can make yo yo's as well as you do! LOL!

elizabeth watson

loved your pillow we have a craft group of old ladies 67 and over that make things for charity we have been decorating shopping bags with suffock puffs and door stop hand bags as well wehave made $1700 this year so far and its only july

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