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Li Li

Oooohhhh! Simply lovely!

Gina L

How adorable. My mom would love to snuggle up with that quilt and then when not keeping her warm. Hang it up for it's artwork.

Maggie Ann

What a cheerful wall hanging. You know what I like best about it? The little lady and her dog. She looks like your neighbor across the street...no barbie doll figure...more like this is real life and I'm loving it. Plaids are special, aren't they? That may mean we have Scotch background in us...bet we do *smiles*. Wish I had time to look up the links you took the time to include. Maybe tomorrow!


I love both the tree and the quilt:-)
I am back to quilting again myself after a break of almost 5 years. Love it.


My goodness that's a gorgeous picture! Sights like that might just inspire me to wake up a little earlier in the morning ;) Cute, cute quilt too - so special to be able to bring that out for the holiday.


I love your wall hanging! I must go look for those two books. You are so lucky to wake up to a beautiful sunrise. I love the colors!


I Love you girls


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