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Maggie Ann

Oh what fun you must have together! Your cookies look yummy and listening to a story at the same time...well, I'm thinking of that commercial that says..."priceless".


So much 'homey-ness' in this post. I love it:)


the cookies sound delicious and this post is wonderful. it is priceless indeed! i am so looking forward to doing things like this with my daughter. thank you for sharing this...


thanks for sharing! I will have to make some of these with the kids today! we have been on a baking spree...


Those look scrumtious! It's just now getting cool where we live and today was our first batch of cookies in months (and the first time we've been able to throw the windows open wide). I think we'll try your recipe next. Thank you for sharing.


these sound delicious!!! my lil ones love to bake and i needed an activity for them this weekend and i think this will be it. and what a great idea to listen to music or a book on tape while we're doing it.

thanks for the inspiration :)

ps~great blog!!

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