Vintage Patterns

2017 February Bonus & New Additions


The 2017 February Bonus transfer is up; this month, featuring dainty hearts and a heavenly sleeping cherub.  Oh. How I love long winter naps.  

Also, some new vintage pattern additions for February: 

2016 Bonus Collection 

Petite Florets

Task-A-Day Songbirds

Animals in Action

Rain_chickHugs all around to our dear stitching friends who shared these vintage patterns to add to the site. I've already started working on the new additions for March and April. 

Spring is coming!  We just need to get through February, with its freezing rain and snow, as predicted in the Farmer's Almanac. There's a stiff, cold wind blowing down from the north, whistling through the trees as I write.  B-r-r-r.

A good day to fill up the soup pot and do some fun stitching.

Cheers everybody!

Rabbit of the Month


This adorable vintage embroidery pattern from Kate Marchbanks (c. 1950's) includes twelve 7-inch motifs, one for each month of the year, featuring rabbits engaged in seasonal activities.   Also includes updated directions for making a child's quilt 34" x 44".  


Transfer pattern reprint from PatternBee: 

Rabbit of the Month #2498


Kitchen Friends

As I sit at my desk picking through my collections of old pattern motifs, I'm honestly amazed at how many embroidery transfers were created between 1930 to 1960; literally hundreds!  And every single company that produced them is gone now with few exceptions.  I often wonder why no credits were given to transfer pattern artists.  There is so little history to glean from.  I've come to suspect that Laura Wheeler, Alice Brooks and other names were fictitious.  There seems to be no trace of them anywhere, except individuals like Ruby McKim whose family has carried on her artistic legacy. 

Moreover, I have always had a hunch that most transfer patterns were created by men cartoonists.  I could be wrong, but this is not out of the realm of possibilities as patterns were mostly distributed by newspapers and newspapers hired cartoonists for a variety of jobs.  And maybe those cartoonists, being mostly men, didn't want their names associated with women's crafts.  And maybe women's names sold more patterns.  I don't know.  Just my thoughts.  It would explain some of the subject material anyway.


Like this very old brilliant Vogart transfer pattern from the 1940's.  Just saying.

Kitchen Friends #195

Woodland China

DC2511_250This vintage pattern for tea-towel embroidery has just been added to the website.  I love that little house tucked into the woods.  The days of the week were added by request, as it seemed a bit sparse on its own.  (Stitch them or ditch them as you like.)  Pattern includes six motifs about 6" x 6". 

Find it here: Woodland China 

Bobba-Loo & Veggies Too


I've been hanging out with this wild and crazy guy and his band of merry musicians for awhile now, meticulously bringing them all back to life, pixel by pixel. 

This vintage pattern set called, The Vitamin Ball Orchestra  is not entirely new to me though. I've had it's counterpart for many years: The Vitamin Ball Characters (c.1936), that I found as a loose sheet without its envelope.  It's nice to see the whole gang back together again.

Thanks to one of my long-time PatternBee customers, Barbara (from California), I almost have the complete set.  She shared her find with me and the best part is I get to share it with you!  I'm still on the lookout for that elusive orchestra player though--wherever he may be.

The characters are many, as well as large, and I've divided them into two groups; dancers and players.  Both patterns are available on the website under Dancing Dishes and Veggie Heads.

Chicken Accessories


Chicken wire anyone?  I think this is so cool as a decorative element along with these plucky chicken motifs.  It's part and parcel of Chicken Accessories (1950's) another new addition to the PatternBee website!


This pattern includes an old-fashioned 3D chicken potholder pattern, along with appliance covers and a large rooster towel motif, plus some smaller cross-stitch chicken motifs.


Chicken Accessories #0125

Happy Pots & Pans


This darling dish towel pattern has a fun vibe and lots of cuteness.  I was giddy when I found this recently.  I mean, what's not to love about an apron-clad teapot?   

Besides the six motifs, I include additional transfer sheets with the center portion of each design enlarged (without the spoons) along with a selection of other elements for a variety of uses. 

Happy Pots & Pans #7150

Hearts & Flowers


A few weeks ago, I went digging through my shoebox stash and pulled out another sweet pattern.  I still marvel at the dates on these--this one was printed in 1946.  It seemed perfect for February.  

The motifs are small scale, with heart appliques that can be used on the larger ones.  The envelope illustration shows them worked on natural colored linen, so that the white flowers stand out nicely on the darker background, but other colors would be fun.  I guess they would be used as embellishments on clothing and such.


All of the motifs were given singly, however, when I saw the corner motif I got this idea to make a border out of it.  The entire design is approximately the size of a sheet of paper--about 8" x 10".  The center area can be filled in with words, a saying, poem, personalization, or special occasion (think wedding or birthdate), and turned into a pillow or framed as a picture/sampler.  Lots of possibilities.

The best news is, this sweet little border motif will be included with the new updated transfer pattern.

Hearts & Flowers #7161  

Personalized Linens


This super cute vintage pattern from Simplicity (c. 1941) has been on my "to-do" list for quite awhile because of its complexity.  These tissue paper transfers with the light-blue wax is very difficult to reproduce with good crisp lines and take a lot of time to clean up pixel by pixel.  The designs are so pretty though so well worth the effort I think.  I've reprinted these in several sizes to allow for more project options. Options are good.  

Personalized Linens #4047