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Bee Smart Towel Embroidery

2021_MARCH_bonus_transferThe PatternBee bonus transfer for March is here!  And if the little beehive motif looks familiar that's because it's derived from Vogart #293 for "busy bees" aka Bee Smart.   I took liberties with this cute design; enlarged it a bit, added more flowers and a tag line.  Then I stamped the design onto a premade cotton dish towel, a nice flour sack variety, and got out my needle and colorful threads.  


Once done, I decided a fabric border would look nice.  I couldn't make up my mind between red or black gingham. They both work well here, I think.  Eventually I went for the black and white.  I used double fold extra wide quilt binding by Wright's.  It makes a nice 7/8" border.  But you could use any cotton fabric in any width for this.  I just happened to have some left-over pieces from a quilt I bound a few years back.  


I used a machine blanket-stitch along the top edge to stitch it down and finish it off.  If you'd like to see how I do my fabric borders we must travel back in time...back to November 1, 2008.  That blog post is under the title of 'Kitchen Goodness' or go HERE.  You'll find it after the giant mouth-watering homemade peanut butter cup!     

BTW, the 'Give Thanks' towel design featured in that tutorial still has the link to the free PDF pattern download.  

PatternBEE Embroidery Sale


I'm celebrating 2020 with a 20% sale on selected vintage embroidery reprints in my NEW Etsy Shop PatternBee Embroidery.   Since I really can't do sales on my own website, Grace suggested I use the Etsy platform.  So I'm doing a trial run.  Will see how it goes.  I'm actually kept quite busy as it is and have to frequently remind myself that this IS just a hobby.  Funny how these things tend to flourish into full blown endeavors.  Happily so, but still time consuming. 

So, if you're in a stitchy mood and happen to LOVE vintage Vogart embroidery patterns, I've selected a few of my favorites to kick off with.  Plus a few random Christmas patterns, in case you want to get a running start.  Enjoy!

Spring Stitching


Shop News:  I'm tooting my horn for finally getting the 2018 Bonus Collection finished and added to the PatternBee website!  Looking back at those, month by month, it's amazing how fast the year went by.

This Redwork motif (Ingall's late 1800's), with a wording modification, was part of the Bonus pattern for February 2018.  I wanted to stitch it up as soon as I saw it.  I think it works nicely as a decorative towel.  I'll be adding it to my Etsy shop soon, along with some more adorable tea towels that Ginger stitched up (below).  This one from a 1940's Laura Wheeler embroidery pattern:  Dog & Cat Dishes #628

Dog_cat_dishes_628 _towel

Aren't these sweet?  And another one, a vintage mail-order newspaper pattern: Kitchen Songbird #524.

She's been doing them up in pairs for the shop, rather than stitching an entire set.  
And I've got some more *fresh* vintage patterns to finish up.  I'm still working my way through that shoe box of vintage transfer patterns.  So stayed tuned for those.  Happy Stitching!

November Update


November is off to a busy start!  I'm going in all directions.  Happily so.  But at times, I feel like I can't catch my breath.  I'm reminded of the words spoken by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."  That just about sums it up I guess.  It's that enthusiasm that keeps me up and running and spinning in dizzy circles.  Three cheers for enthusiasm!  Hip hip hurray!  Enthusiasm is key.


And speaking of enthusiasm . . this week, I received a wonderful HUGE box of vintage embroidery patterns.  They were generously donated to the PatternBee archive and online vintage embroidery shop, by a sweet and generous lady from Arizona who just wanted to make sure they got a good home.  And did they ever!  They are all right at home on my desk, in that little room at the back of my house we call 'PatternBee Headquarters'.

I'm taking my time and carefully sorting through all these amazing works of art.  Some are so brittle from age that I'm afraid to open them.  Like really, really old Walker's, before they were Walker's dating them at least 75 years old!  Found some other gems too that I hadn't seen before.  The plan is to repair and reprint some of these after the holidays. 

Actually, I haven't been adding as many new patterns to the site these past months because of all the other projects I've taken on.  But I still try and do at least one "new" pattern each month.  This month, it was Peasant Folk Dancers.


Just look how cute they are!  Kicking up their heels and all.  I can almost hear the lively fiddles and the old kitchen spoons clicking and clacking keeping time.  So fun!


Spring Chicken Bakes


This 1960's dish towel design from Tri-Chem was originally designed to be painted with liquid embroidery.  Back in the day this was a brand new product introduced as a time-saving solution for the busy working woman. 

My Mom, being a busy working woman, had eagerly purchased the ball-point tubes of paint for us to try (I was about 12 then), but we discovered the medium was messy and difficult to control.  As a result, we ended up with some very interesting dust cloths! 

However, I'm told the current liquid embroidery paint tubes work much better.  So if you prefer coloring to stitching then here's something for you too.

But as I prefer to stitch these, and others may as well, I took liberties and made a few slight modifications to the graphics choosing a friendlier font (for needlework) and a different layout. If you love Lazy-Daisy, I've also added optional daisy borders, to carry out the theme.  They can be stamped lengthwise alongside the chicken (like the original lettering) or used as a border underneath her. 


But wait!  There's more!  I also created BAKE! as a theme towel.  It's not shown on the envelope cover (above), but it will be included in the pattern as a sort of Surprise Bonus.  Only my blog readers will know the what, where, when, how and why.


Here's the BAKE! towel, stamped and ready to go. 


Already a work in progress!  This was stamped onto a fresh flour sack dish towel, but I think it would be darling on an apron bib or baking smock.  It measures about 8" x 7" (without the weekday).

Lazy-daisy-redThese old patterns usually had numbers and rarely had names (with the exception of Aunt Martha's).  But this one had neither that I could find, so I've given it both and added it to the PatternBee website as Spring Chicken #4472.  In the event the link no longer works, look under the Kitchen Towel category, under 'Feathered Friends'.   

2017 February Bonus & New Additions


The 2017 February Bonus transfer is up; this month, featuring dainty hearts and a heavenly sleeping cherub.  Oh. How I love long winter naps.  

Also, some new vintage pattern additions for February: 

2016 Bonus Collection 

Petite Florets

Task-A-Day Songbirds

Animals in Action

Rain_chickHugs all around to our dear stitching friends who shared these vintage patterns to add to the site. I've already started working on the new additions for March and April. 

Spring is coming!  We just need to get through February, with its freezing rain and snow, as predicted in the Farmer's Almanac. There's a stiff, cold wind blowing down from the north, whistling through the trees as I write.  B-r-r-r.

A good day to fill up the soup pot and do some fun stitching.

Cheers everybody!

PatternBee 2.0

MC1929gI am pleased to announce that the new PatternBee website is up and running!

With our fingers crossed, it went live over the weekend and so far so good.  I am very proud to say, that it was entirely created from scratch and customized for me by my daughter, Grace (a year in the making), and I think she did a fantastic job.  I am so happy with it.  Oh how it is already making my life a whole lot easier.  I created the graphics and she designed the software.  No sir, no more html for me.  We have moved on with the times. 

We decided not to add tracking cookies to the site.  This feature was built into the (now outdated) yahoo site-builder program.  However we have never collected and shared data, emails or any other personal information and don't intend to so there's no need to make you sign-in with a password to use the site.   

As a result, the shopping cart will no longer remember your selections.  The good news is . . . we have a better shopping cart, still using the Paypal interface that is encrypted and secure.

The search engine is also better--all you need enter is the pattern number and a selection of choices will pop up.  For more advance searches the Pattern Directory is a great feature.  It organizes everything by maker and number.  I love how this database thing works.  You also now have the option of viewing entire categories on one page or can scroll through and view them page by page as before.  

So that's it! 

Now I'll have more time for stitching.