Embroidery Projects

Pups and Puns


In this adorable Vogart pattern from the 1950's we have a cute puppy motif and quip for each day of the week to brighten up plain kitchen towels and other kitchen accessories.


I made these towels several years ago and love how they turned out.  The addition of fabric borders add to the charm.  The pattern calls for simple stitches; Outline and Single stitches, Lazy-Daisy and French Knots with Satin stitch for eyes, nose and mouth.  Fun and easy to do!

Vogart 271 Pups N Puns


Bee Smart Towel Embroidery

2021_MARCH_bonus_transferThe PatternBee bonus transfer for March is here!  And if the little beehive motif looks familiar that's because it's derived from Vogart #293 for "busy bees" aka Bee Smart.   I took liberties with this cute design; enlarged it a bit, added more flowers and a tag line.  Then I stamped the design onto a premade cotton dish towel, a nice flour sack variety, and got out my needle and colorful threads.  


Once done, I decided a fabric border would look nice.  I couldn't make up my mind between red or black gingham. They both work well here, I think.  Eventually I went for the black and white.  I used double fold extra wide quilt binding by Wright's.  It makes a nice 7/8" border.  But you could use any cotton fabric in any width for this.  I just happened to have some left-over pieces from a quilt I bound a few years back.  


I used a machine blanket-stitch along the top edge to stitch it down and finish it off.  If you'd like to see how I do my fabric borders we must travel back in time...back to November 1, 2008.  That blog post is under the title of 'Kitchen Goodness' or go HERE.  You'll find it after the giant mouth-watering homemade peanut butter cup!     

BTW, the 'Give Thanks' towel design featured in that tutorial still has the link to the free PDF pattern download.  

Redwork Hearts

Convo_heart_valentine_embroidery3These little stitched conversation heart sachets are from my book Embroidery Craft:  Stitching through the Seasons (2010).  They were featured as a winter project because they make lovely little gift tokens for Valentine's Day.  


These tiny potpourri heart pillows are fun to make and a simple stitching project for beginners, so with this in mind, I thought it would be fun to offer them again as an iron-on embroidery transfer. 

My free-with-purchase pattern will be available on both the PatternBee Vintage Embroidery website and the PatternBee Embroidery Etsy shop during the month of February 2021.  


I couldn't resist adding a few new designs.  I LOVE the Kewpies.  The plain heart can be stamped several times with your choice of designs to embroider.  The two small connected hearts could be embroidered with sweet-heart initials if desired. Just be sure to position the motifs away from the 1/4" seam allowance.   


1.  Cut out the test pattern--leaving a margin of paper for pinning.  Cut out a small piece of practice cloth.  Set iron to Medium-High.  Do not use steam.  The transfer ink may go through the fabric and is fairly permanent, so cover the ironing surface with an old dish towel or a single layer of heavy paper like a brown grocery bag. 

2.  Place the test-transfer on the right side of your fabric scrap and place a pin in the margin away from the transfer lines.  (If the paper slides the lines may be blurred.)  Place the hot iron on the transfer for several seconds, taking care not to scorch.  Check progress; leaving the pin in place, gently lift one corner to check that all the lines have transferred.  If the image is too light or places have been missed, carefully replace the transfer, matching up the lines, and stamp again.  

3.  Make sure to stamp the heart sachet pattern on a piece of cloth that is large enough to fit inside your embroidery hoop.   For the plain heart, stamp it first, then stamp the desired motif in the middle, keeping out of the seam allowance.  Plain linen, cotton muslin or another natural light-weight fabric will do.  

4.  Work all the embroidery before cutting the heart-shapes out.   Separate 6-strand cotton embroidery floss into 3 strands for the embroidery.  Basic stitches are used.  Use outline or back stitches for lines; lazy daisy for leaves and flower petals; satin stitch for filling in areas.  


5.  Cut a 6-inch square of plain or print fabric for the backing.  Place right-sides together and pin in the center. Stitch where indicated by the broken lines, starting and stopping between the dots.  Trim the backing evenly to match the edges of the heart.  Clip curves up to the stitch line.  Turn right-side out and press from the back, tucking the raw edges of the opening to the inside.  Fill with dried potpourri or with cotton balls for a firm heart.


And there you have it.  Enjoy!

2019 July Bonus


The NEW July BONUS Transfer is "hot off the press" and includes this cute kitty and her, albeit teeny, catch of the day

I'm always amazed at the number of stitching patterns that were produced over the years and just when I think I've seen them all, another little dandy comes along.  Like this one.

A few months back, I was contacted by a stitching friend who had seen this motif embroidered on an old tea towel and asked if I had it.  I didn't; thought maybe it was one of those pre-stamped Vogart towels that were so popular in the 1960's since I couldn't find an actual pattern number for it.  (If anyone reading this has any information about it, please let me know.)  Anyway, I was provided a photo to work from to reproduce it for her. 

Having done that, and tickled with how it turned out, I decided it would make a great summer addition for the 2019 Bonus Collection.  I added a few more details along with the catch phrase and proceeded to stitch one up for my dear cousin who just happens to live on a lake and has spent a lifetime fishing--and loves cats.  It was perfect.


Before personally delivering it to her last week, I snapped a few pictures of it first.  As you can see, it looks quite dashing with my red plaid dish towels as a backdrop. 


So, here we have the July line up. 

Along with kitschy kitty motif, there are darling water ducklings, an apron wearing bear-cub hostess and a few other small embellishments for your stitching pleasure. 

This BONUS transfer is FREE with any purchase from the PatternBee website for the month of July.  After that, it will be added to this year's Bonus Collection (available next year).

Stitch by Stitch


My (crazy epic) embroidered table topper is coming along nicely.  So far, I've put thousands of stitches into this thing!  Click on the image to enlarge.

Be true to what you love


Spring Stitching


Shop News:  I'm tooting my horn for finally getting the 2018 Bonus Collection finished and added to the PatternBee website!  Looking back at those, month by month, it's amazing how fast the year went by.

This Redwork motif (Ingall's late 1800's), with a wording modification, was part of the Bonus pattern for February 2018.  I wanted to stitch it up as soon as I saw it.  I think it works nicely as a decorative towel.  I'll be adding it to my Etsy shop soon, along with some more adorable tea towels that Ginger stitched up (below).  This one from a 1940's Laura Wheeler embroidery pattern:  Dog & Cat Dishes #628

Dog_cat_dishes_628 _towel

Aren't these sweet?  And another one, a vintage mail-order newspaper pattern: Kitchen Songbird #524.

She's been doing them up in pairs for the shop, rather than stitching an entire set.  
And I've got some more *fresh* vintage patterns to finish up.  I'm still working my way through that shoe box of vintage transfer patterns.  So stayed tuned for those.  Happy Stitching!

Fall Folk Towel


More fun fall stitching!  This pattern is new to the website this month:  Finnish Folk #8012 


This old Finnish embroidery pattern was gleaned from a 1960's Woman's Day magazine.  There are six motifs in all, featuring country folk sharing chores on the farm.  I found this motif especially charming. 

100_9722a I think it was probably intended to represent spring, but with bright autumn colors it works well for fall too. 


This plain olive-green dish towel made a lovely background!  I wish I could find more soft cotton dish towels like this.  They came in a set of different colors. 


The border is optional.  I like it!

Autumn Stitching

100_0080AFor awhile I thought maybe the golden autumn light would escape us with all the rain, wind, fog and frost.  But so far this week the weather has been amazing and I took the opportunity to get some more pictures of my 'Field & Forest' quilt (in progress) while the light was still good. 


I rarely work with oranges, golds and greens.  They're not usually my first choices when quilt making, but clearly I need to break from tradition more often.  These rich earthy tones beautifully compliment the embroidered blocks of flora and fauna.  


The addition of feather-stitching highlights the embroidered blocks.  The embroidery motifs I used are a random mix from a wonderful vintage collection I tagged Field & Forest.  


The pattern includes over forty designs with all sorts of mushrooms,  acorns, ladybugs, leaves and wildflowers in varying sizes from 1 to 7 inches.  Such fun stitching!  

Field & Forest Quilt Update

My quilt-top is done!  Somehow, miraculously, all my little bits and bobs, odds and ends, and jellyroll scraps came together nicely to make this vibrant autumn-themed patchwork.  







I still need to do some feather-stitching detail around the embroidered blocks.   This will be a good project to sit under on cool evenings.